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DIY Friendship Bracelets – PULSERAS FISHTAIL *Daans97

DIY Friendship Bracelets – PULSERAS FISHTAIL *Daans97

You will need colorful thick threads I used magenta Yellow Turquoise Some scissors a centimeter 1. First you need to measure the length of your threads. I used 100 cm or 19 inches I doubled up the threads so It could be thicker, but this is optional You should have 4 threads, one of each color (100 cm or 39 inches each) Now we grab the middle part and make a knot so we can have 8 threads Ready! Now we have to separate half of the colors, in order to make it look like a mirror Yellow to the left, yellow to the right Turquoise to the left, turquoise to the right and so Now that each side has its color, we can start making our bracelet! Let’s star with the first color: yellow Place the left thread in the right middle and then grab the right thread and place it in the left middle Now that it is crossed, we adjust it Now the second color: again, place the left turquoise to the right middle and then the right thread, to the right middle adjust We do this same process for each color until you have your desired length! It’s getting pretty! When you are done, cut the loop and knot the ends 🙂 Thank you so much for watching! Suscribe if you want more videos

77 thoughts on “DIY Friendship Bracelets – PULSERAS FISHTAIL *Daans97”

  1. Thanks so much! I hope my best friend will like it. I used two colours one is my favourite colour and the other is his favourite! Thanks for the easy tutorial! I hope you read this!

  2. i cant understand waht she was saying but that isnt so bad not to understand like good we seen it and now how do do it

  3. Two options for you guys who can't understand Spanish.
    1. Turn the subtitles on.
    2. Just watch what she's doing. You don't even need to undstand Spanish to get whats going on…

  4. very beautiful and easy!! thank you. ..
    but u should make the video in english or at least a add English subtitles. …
    so it will become easy for everyone to understand. ……
    wellllllll thanks😘😘👏👏

  5. Its great i speak Español and English entonces yo se lo que pasa and i don't have to worry about it yaaaay gracias Jesus

  6. Ok so here's the gist of it for the non-spanish speakers:

    Take the outside color of one side (ex: right side) and put it on the inside of the other side (ex: left). Then do the same thing over and over till you get about an inch or so from the end. Then just knot it, put it on your wrist, and tie it.

    If this didn't help you, just watch what she's doing, you'll figure it out.

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