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DIY Fashion: How to Make a Statement Bib Necklace {Bottega Veneta Inspired}

DIY Fashion: How to Make a Statement Bib Necklace {Bottega Veneta Inspired}

100 thoughts on “DIY Fashion: How to Make a Statement Bib Necklace {Bottega Veneta Inspired}”

  1. Omg! I love it….. Graciaaaas esta super bonito, but what is that base gray??? What is that material?

  2. I love it. I always like your videos. Thumbs up! To support your channel so u can make more vids.

  3. I am planning on making the travel accessory organizer for camp! Thank you for all of the great DIY videos you make! You are so talented! Thanks

  4. i love your videos! especially your DIY projects:) it gives me so much ideas:) keep it up! i will wait for your next videos:)

  5. Podrías hacer vídeos subtitulados al español??
    Me encantan tus vídeos pero muchos trozos no los entiendo..

  6. i just came across your channel and i love your tutorials (: can you please make a tutorial on how to make a dress like that in the back of the beginning of your video ? the dress with the knot in the middle !

  7. This is great but I'm concerned about the faux leather part needing more stability. Seems it would flop over when worn because the jewels would weigh it down. Not criticizing just a thought.

  8. Wow! You are soo creative!! Love this one!! I can make one for my mom now!! Thanks a lot sweetheart!! 🙂

  9. I have nothing more to say but it's amazing continuous and gives us the desire and pleasure to be creative ….. 🙂 love you hhh

  10. Your videos are extremely creative and inspiring! *_* I adore your channel, I swear I can almost breathe the love you put into making videos! 😀

  11. Sooo pretty!! Looks way more difficult than it is! So you really get all of your chain for projects at Michael's?? I love the thicker chains, they're just a little pricey. Look great though!!

  12. Does anyone know if she edits and writes her own videos or does she have a 3rd party company doing those services for her?

  13. That's good to know as I was reading about Maker Studios (started by Lisa Donovan/Nova, the former youtube sensation) that represents over a 1,000 youtubers and they take 40-50% cut of their Adsense revenues. Remember to SHARE her videos to your friends so we can double her subscribers for all her hard work. Also, she is nice as she married an Asian guy wheres the other Asian girls dislike Asian men.

  14. I wish that some of the youtube guru's would start to think about the fact that not everyone lives in the USA. We dont have craft stores like Michaels :/

  15. Well it's not their fault if u wanna know were they got their craft supplies then they ares going to tell u. I don't think they are going to go on google and figure out were all the other countries can buy the things. Is u don't have a Micheals then go on!!!!!!!

  16. I A Huge Fan And A Subscriber I Make Crafts & Videos My Self…But Nothing Like The Awesome Ideas You Have Your So Talented. You Are The One Who Inspired Me.Thank You So Much As Always For Sharing Your Ideas.I Can't Help But To Bragg To Everyone About Your Awesome Videos *Seriously * Thank You Soooo Much.God Bless.:-)

  17. I think it's so pretty and I am definitely going to make this. I love your diy's because they're very creative and original and they are actually useful

  18. I love this.  Thank you.  I"ve done a bib necklace before.  But this one is an awesome idea & it's so classy.  Thanks  a whole lot. 🙂

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