DIY Double Bracelet with Crystal Beads | Διπλό Βραχιόλι με Κρύσταλλα | Jewelry | IMAGINE HEARTS

Hello! Today we will make this bracelet which is made of crystal beads and nylon cord You can make it in white color, green color, summer colors or winter colors according to the season We will need 39 crystal beads 8mm size at the color of your preference We will need 3 meters of nylon cord 1mm diameter. I have chosen a nude color but pick the color of your preference Cut 60cm of nylon cord Burn the tip of the cord with a lighter, this way the cord slides easily through the beads Pass the cord through the 39 beads, one by one We have completed all the beads and we will now make macrame square knots using a tape fix the cord on the surface Cut two meters of the nylon cord I choose nylon cord because it has a beautiful shinny finish, like satin pass the cord below the two parallel cords Tape the other side as well to make the bracelet more stable Find the middle of the cord and make a simple knot Now I start making square knots Remove the tapes Slide the macrame square knots all the way down to the root of the bracelet Take the left side of the cord and make a zig zag around the beads Continue the same zig zag with the right hand cord Once we’re done we make macrame square knots. We tape the bracelet on the surface. take 40cm of nylon cord and repeat the process we did on the other side of the bracelet Slide the macrame knots close to the root of the bracelet and tight cut off the right and left cords and burn the tips with a lighter Now we will make an adjustable macrame closure with square knots

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