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DIY Crystal Pendant, Rough Quartz Crystal

DIY Crystal Pendant, Rough Quartz Crystal

Today, I’m going to show you how to make a resin crystal necklace. Still learning. First, you’re going to need some supplies. This is a bezel, and it’s going to be the base of our piece. But you can also use a metal bottle cap, if you can’t find a bezel. You’re also going to need some resin, a disposable mixing container, and a mixing utensil. Then you want to print out an image to use as the backdrop. I’m using this galaxy image, but you can use anything you want. I just want to add some color behind the crystals, so, my image really isn’t that important. Trace around the bezel, on to the image, and cut it out inside the outline you drew. You’re going to have to take some time to slowly trim the edge of the circle so it fits into your bezel perfectly. Once you get it down to the size you need, put a little dab of tacking glue on the inside of the bezel, and smooth it out completely with your finger, making sure to get in that side groove as well. Then, place your photo inside, and press it down, smoothing it so it lays completely flat. Add a dab of glue on top, and again, use your finger to spread around the glue completely sealing the picture inside, then let it dry completely. For the crystal element, I’m using a piece of very inexpensive purple quartz crystal that we found on a road trip. It breaks apart really easy, so I broke off enough little crystal pieces to fill my bezel. If it gives you any trouble, a pair of pliers helped to break off pieces as well. Once you have enough little crystal pieces, snip off the ends of your resin dispenser, and dispense equal parts resin, and hardener, into your disposable container. Go slow, because you don’t need a bunch, so you don’t want to dispense more than you need. Stir the mixture for about a minute or so, until it’s mixed completely. Then use your stick to help guide resin into the bezel. Make sure to evenly fill the bottom of the bezel, but don’t fill it too much because we’re going to be adding pieces. You don’t want it to overflow. Then go ahead and start placing the crystals inside the bezel. It takes a little while for the resin to harden, so you have some time to move stuff around in there. Once you have all your crystals where you want them, let it dry for up to 12 hours. Then, just add a jump ring and a chain, and you have yourself a really strong crystal jewelry piece. Trust me, those crystals aren’t going anywhere. Unlike using glue, which is definitely not as strong as resin. My design was actually inspired by this thorn resin ring I got from an artist called Fernworks. Love it! There’s so many different ways, and items, and images that you could use for this project, the possibilities are literally endless. Make sure to subscribe! And check out my video from last week, on how to make a lighted constellation canvas. It rocks!! Until next time! Snip, snip!

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  1. this is so weird… i feel weird… i'm so used to "what up internet Corinne here and you're watching Corinne vs Pin"

  2. "I'm using this galaxy image, but you can use anything you want, I just wanna add some color behind the crystal…so my image isn't really that important"

    …little did she know 4 years later she would be OBSESSED with galaxy

  3. Corrine, I think that's an amethist crystal. Not a hate comment, this was a great video, could you make one where you don't use resin?

  4. 2017 …. I don’t don’t where I am. Where is rob? Where is the blood? Where is the swearing!?!? Where is the comedy and tomfoolery!?

  5. Watching these old thread anger videos is sooooo weird. I’ve just come from watching man vs house where rob is swearing the whole time to this where there is no swearing or anything

  6. this is so bland, its like every other diy channel.
    Im so proud of the newer videos, they really have their own thing in those.

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