DIY Crystal Necklace + Giveaway!! [CLOSED]

Smoky quartz! Opal! Which is my birthstone! Regular quartz! Phantom quartz! And some amethyst! Which these cuts are known as dragons teeth! Whats your favorite type of rock, crystal or mineral? Hey guys!! Ray Pajar from Get Crafty Crafty!! And today I’m going to show you guys how to take a crystal and wrap it so that you can transform it into a last minute Mother’s Day necklace! You can customize it depending on the type of stone that you’re using. And also customize it with the type of wrap that you’re wrapping around your crystal. If you’re not a fan of making necklaces, you can also make this into a shorter piece and turn it into a cool little key chain! Lets go ahead and get started with todays project! The items that you’ll need for todays project include: Krazy glue, scissors, some beads I got this from Michaels, leather strips, I also got this from Michaels, a variety of crystals, you can either use a real crystal or a plastic crystal I found that the real ones actually look way better compared to the plastic ones, you can find this either at your local crystal store or online, I’ll have some links in the description below. First, you want to cut enough leather strips so that it goes around your neck and down to where you want to have your pendant. Once you have that go ahead and cut it and then cut this piece in half. There are a variety of different ways to actually create a crystal pendant. Today I’m just going to show you a very simple one that will allow you to change it’s size as you wear it. Next, choose a crystal for your pendant. You could either choose a really big crystal but it could be pretty heavy or a smaller crystal, or as a third option you can take a variety of smaller crystals and put them together to make the illusion of one bigger crystal. Today we’re going to be using a medium sized quartz crystal. Once you’ve chosen your crystal you’re going to take a small amount of of your crazy glue and just put a drop of it to the side and then take one of your leather strips that you cut earlier, and gently just place it right onto your crystal. You want to repeat it to the opposite side of your crystal so that when it hangs it will show evenly. Once you’ve glued your two pieces of leather to the side of your crystal you’re going to take your leather and you’re going to wrap it around your crystal. Take a small amount of glue and place a dot and then take your leather piece and then just place it right on top of that part. Continue to wrap your leather tightly around the crystal so that it covers the start of the leather piece and it continues to wrap over the two pieces that you put earlier for your necklace. You can wrap different designs onto your crystal. I’m just going to do a simple few rounds around the crystal. And then once I’ve reached the length of leather that I want to cover I’m going to cut the leather and then just glue it on top of the other piece of leather so that it stays in place. To make this necklace a little more special and to give some kind of control on the amount of string I want to have on the necklace I’m adding a few beads at the bottom tying a knot at the base and then adding a few additional beads at the end. So that I can have that control. To end the necklace all I’m going to do is after the two beads that I put on the end on each individual string I’m going to take a bead place it in and then just make a simple knot. at the end of it so that none of the beads can escape when you’re wearing your necklace. Do this to each end of your string individually. And from there you’ll have your finished necklace. These make great last minute gifts and if you guys haven’t had a chance to either make or buy a gift for your mom You can customize this necklace with her birthstone so that it is a specialized gift just for your mom. I do have these other projects that I suggest are really great last minute gifts! So make sure you guys also check that out for some great last minute gift ideas. If you guys are huge fan of crystals make sure you also checkout my other thing that that I do which is Crystal Warfare. It’s this cool little accessory/ necklace company that I make and run. So make sure you guys check that out! The link to that will be in the description below! Another fun little thing that I’m doing for you guys is, I’m going to giveaway two of these cool little amethyst keychains. All you guys have to do is: like this vide, subscribe to the channel and make sure you comment in the section below about a time either you gave a special gift to somebody or somebody gave a special gift to you. Make sure you guys check the description for the details of when I’m going to choose a winner and I’ll probably choose one in the next few weeks so pay attention to that. Hopefully you guys had fun making this project! Hope you guys have a great weekend! If you guys do make this project either for yourself or your mom make sure you share it with me either on my facebook, instagram or twitter using the #GetCraftyCrafty hashtag. And check out our last two videos the Avengers poster and our time lapse compilation video. That also something really new that I’ve been doing. I’ll be doing that in the next few weeks. So let me know in that video what you guys think about my time lapses! Hopefully you guys had fun! See you guys next time and stay crafty!!

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