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DIY Bridal Jewelry Beading Tutorial – Wedding Statement Necklace

DIY Bridal Jewelry Beading Tutorial – Wedding Statement Necklace

Hi everyone! This is Jessica from
and Bespangled Beads on Etsy. Today I’m going to show you how to make a
multistrand bridal necklace that is really versatile. And of course, you can make this non – bridal
by simply using different colors and different materials. I want to start out by getting a couple of
links from this chain. It’s a non – soldered chain and I’m just going to pull these apart. It’s pretty sturdy, which is why I’m going
to use it to bead on. Just make sure those are closed. Now here I have some beading wire. I’m starting
out with a piece that is 20 inches long because I want my strands to be 12 inches, and I need
at least 4 inches extra on both ends. I’m stringing my first strand of little seed
pearls and instead of counting how many beads I’m
using, I’m simply beading until I reach the desired length, which again, is 12 inches. Now I’m going to show you how to use a crimping
tool. And I’m going to go through this kind of quickly
because I have another video that goes over this in great detail that is nice and slow. So I’m going to string on a crimp bead – I’m
using 2mm by 2mm sterling silver crimp tubes and I’m going to thread one end of the beading
wire through the loop that I’m going to attach it to, and then back through the crimp tube like
this. Now I’m going to use my chain nosed pliers
to pull this tight. I want to pull it tight up against that ring because I don’t want
it to slide around too much because again this is an open ring and sometimes
the wire can slip through. To use the crimping tool, you start with the
groove at the back first – the one with the little bump in it. Squeeze the crimp tube once. And that’s going
to make a nice little groove in your crimp tube. For the next step, you want to use the front
part of the pliers and squeeze several times around to round
that crimp tube up. Now if you don’t have a crimping tool, you
can simply use your chain nosed pliers to squeeze the crimp tube flat. Trim off the excess using your flush cutters,
and then slide the beads up to meet the crimp tube on this end. And I’m going to make sure that my strand
isn’t too tight – you never want to close your strand while it’s in a straight line
because you can make it too tight and the stringing material can break. To close the strand, string on another crimp
tube all the way up to meet the beads and thread the end of your strand through the
link that you want to attach it to and make sure that the open part is at the
top if you’re using an open link Thread the end of the beading wire back through
the crimp, and now I’m holding this a little differently because the beads are already
on there. I’m holding the crimp tube tight against the
beads this time with my thumb while I pull it tight with the chain nosed pliers. And just make sure it can move well. And again with the back part of the crimping
tool – (or, just squash it flat with your chain nosed
pliers) -and then with the front part of the crimping
tool, all the way around. Now, you’ve closed up your first strand. Trim
off the end. And I’m going to make this an 8 strand necklace,
so I’m going to turn off the camera and I’ll meet you back in a minute when I’ve finished my last strand. Ok, so I’ve got eight strands – I made them
all exactly the same length. Now I’m going to use some ivory colored tulle
– now remember you could also use ribbon or other material. This is tulle ribbon that is 6 inches wide
and I’m cutting a piece that is 3 feet long (1 yard) and folding it in half once lengthwise and I’m going to do that one more time. That’s
just to make this fabric a little bit thicker since it’s so fine. You probably wouldn’t
have to do this with ribbon. I’m going to thread it through one of the
rings until it is equal length on both sides. Then I’m going to tie it around itself. So
I’m going to wrap it around my fingers and then tie the knot through that loop. I’m going to repeat that with another 3 foot
length of tulle ribbon for the other side and tie another knot the same way. And then you have a variable length necklace
that can simply be tied at the length that you like it. You can make it long, with a little bow, or
you can make it shorter with a bigger bow. I’m just going to show you real quick a medium
length that would probably end up being about a 20 or 22 inch long necklace. You could make it a little longer even. And you can tidy up these ends by trimming
with scissors if you need to. And this will go really nice with a classic
or low cut wedding gown. So that’s one way, number two – just use one
length of ribbon that is 3 feet long and thread it through both of the rings and we can make this into shorter necklace
that is more like a choker. Tie a single knot, and then tie it into a bow. I think this is really super cute! And again, you just trim off the ends wherever
you want them. A third way to wear this necklace is by threading
the doubled over piece that is 3 feet long – thread the loop part through one of the
links and then bring both ends back through that
fabric loop and it makes a tidier knot around the ring. Bring that around the neck and thread it through
the other link on the other side and tie a knot at the length that you like
it, around the ring and around the ribbon. And then you tie those little ends into a
sweet small bow and trim the ends as desired. So you’ve got 3 great ways to make an awesome
multistrand necklace! Thank you so much for joining me today. I
hope you just loved this project and that you’ll join me the next time! You can make sure you don’t miss any new videos
if you’ll subscribe to my channel and you can also find me at
or on Facebook here! See ya next time!

8 thoughts on “DIY Bridal Jewelry Beading Tutorial – Wedding Statement Necklace”

  1. Where would you get links of chain like that??? Would Joanns or Michaels have something like that or would I have to order online??? Love the video…..that necklace is so pretty and would be beautiful in different colors!!!!

  2. Hi Cheryl! I bet either of those places may have something similar. Just make sure it's nice and sturdy and the links won't open easily. You may also look for links that aren't necessarily part of a chain!

    I do sell this exact chain by the foot in my etsy shop. If you would only like a few links I'm happy to oblige. The link to the chain is in the 'about' section above or find me at

    Thanks for the kind words & I agree. I can picture this style in so many other colors!

  3. Thankyou! I followed your tutorial & made a beautiful necklace for my wedding; i used real pearls that my mum had given me & am so proud that so many people complimented me on them. When I saw your design, & just knew I had to make it & how lovely it went with my princess-style wedding dress! I was meant to come across your channel! X

  4. You are such a creative woman and a very great teacher coming from a NYSLic. Teacher and artist. Fabulous clear instructions.🍀🌹thank u Fran

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