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DIY Boho Fancy Tribal Necklace. Jewelry making tutorial.

DIY Boho Fancy Tribal Necklace. Jewelry making tutorial.

Hello to everyone on the creative channel Gilda Workshop! Today we will touch on one of my favorite themes – accessories in Egyptian style. I will tell you and show you how to create a stylish massive necklace in this video. I will be also glad if you will subscribe to the channel and add your comments to this video. So, let’s start. Put a small coral bead on a gold pin with an eyelet on the end. Then put a large oval crystal with the available holes in the base and after the small bead. All this we fix in the center of a beautiful metal detail. At first, we put the loop of the pin into the first hole and press the loop with round pliers. Then bend the same loop on the other side and similarly bend it to the end. The central part is ready, now we will work with the lateral ones. We fix one pin with three contrasting beads on the outer holes of each part… We stretch out the loops of pins from both sides to the center piece and attach them… I continue to connect metal parts with pins and beads At this stage, when you keep the accessory in your hands, you will have to calculate length of your pins and diameter of beads. For this reason, I do not specify the exact size of materials in this video. I proceed to assemble the lower part of the accessory. I’ll use a memory wire, intended for assembling necklaces. This wire can be bend only slightly and keeps the shape, which is just right for our accessory. Bend the loop with pliers on the one side. And now we take most beautiful colored beads in different sizes and start to put on the first row. We will move from small elements to large ones. At first, I put on the small brick beads. Well, I have already went to the edge of the row. I leave 1 cm of wire free to twist the loops. After that, just put the collected rows on the metal workpieces. For the second row I take a piece of wire that is slightly longer than the previous I will also apply all subsequent rows to the top of the accessory and compare with height of the previous row. I will also place them in a order to keep contrast. I closed the end of the loop with round pliers in all the rows Then I put on connecting rings and attached the wires through one hole of metal details. That is, out of thirteen holes, only six is filled with beads. We decorate the center part of the necklace. For this, I take 7 large beads in two colors. As you can see, they are already on pins with a ball on the end. I have also bent a loop on each of them. It remains for me to show in what order I attach all on the foundation. The last stage of the assembly is the connection of main part with the neck part. For this I’ll need the yellow beads again. I take a meter of dense fishing line and pass through the needle. I put two ends of the fishing line in the hole on the side of the metal part and put the same ends of the line in the needle again. As a result, we have had a very reliable and dense foundation where we put on 16 yellow beads. After that, we take a pin with a loop and twice put a needle on it Tighten strongly the fishing line and put the needle into the last bead. We make about three strong knots.. Lead the needle further, into the next bead.. Tighten tightly the fishing line and cut off the excess. The same thread with beads is arranged side by side. Put on 16 beads, similarly put the needle in pin, repeating previous step. I did the same on the other side. Now I put on one bead, a cap of bronze color and two more beads… Bend the loop with pliers Attach the lock-carbine on one side of the necklace and two connecting rings on the other hand. In addition, we decorate cavities on metal details with beads. And in the end, we hide and simultaneously attach the nodes of the fishing line with wire. The necklace have get spectacular, unusual and simultaneously stylish! Looks luxurious due to the combination of colorful beads and metal details with a bright crystal in the center. It creates a bright harmonious composition and gives an ethnic beauty to this accessory. It is all, meet you soon, bye bye! :):):)

19 thoughts on “DIY Boho Fancy Tribal Necklace. Jewelry making tutorial.”

  1. Очень красивые у вас работы, зашла случайно, остаюсь… С меня подписка))) жду в гости и ко мне)) Творческих вам успехов!!!

  2. Очень нравится, так ярко и жезнерадостно! И интересные техники, не сложно, но сама не догадалась бы вот так леску в несколько слоёв использовать.

  3. Me en canta todo lo que haces felicidades x tú bello arte. ¿donde compras los materiales? Podrías dejar el Link o tienda gracias guapa

  4. Çalışmalarınız çoooook müthiş beğenerek izliyorum ama bu metal detayları nereden bulabilirim cevap verirseniz sevinirim. Kolay gelsin

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