DIY 📏 ✂️Easy🤚 Five steps Chain and Bead Earrings

hello I don’t have my camera on a tripod
I’m using my other camera so bear with me I’ll try to be still
today I’m making dangle earrings now the first thing you’re gonna need of course
is jewelry working tools you’re going to need some wire which I’m using 1415
gauge wire then some chains some thicker chain and as you can see this is of
substantial but you can use a better chain if that’s what you prefer then
some beads any kind you want so for the starter you’re going to get your wire
then you’re going to with your round nose pliers
make a loop and then you’re going to hook a jump ring and then your chain
that you will cut now I cut it about four inches actually three maybe three
and a half inches but you might want to go shorter depending on how you want
that to hang you also don’t have to go as wide okay so once you put your beads
and you made first you make your loop then you put your beads then you put
your other loop then you attach the chain with the jump ring and then curve
the wire the second step would be to get your wire once again using your chain
nose pliers to make a loop and on right after you have your first row hooked to
jump ring the first move your first left on your chain attached a jump ring and
attach it to the loop you make on the second one and then do your beads
however you want them you could even have a little dangle bead right here and
then attach it again making a loop and a to the second link on the chain and
it’ll look like back okay so the first step is this and I’m sorry
again I don’t have my tripod I don’t have my camera on a tripod cuz I wasn’t
going to film this cuz I wasn’t sure that I was going to actually do
something different and that’s the second step so we will go to the third
step also you’re going to want to buy now hook up your earring hook so you can
Center everything so you know how things are gonna hang before you start your
third step so be sure that you just take your earring hook and I just got a
regular fish hook any kind you want and go to the center point chain link and
attach it right in there you don’t eat a jump ring just put it right through the
chain link okay and that’s what it’ll look like you can
see this is a five step earring I already attached the fourth step with
using an eye pin I put the Center dangly bead in there
and preferably a teardrop or a teardrop shaped or a longer bead would be nice or
a charm so first you’re going to get your chain link and see this is how it’s
going to look when you finish it completely with the dangly parts you
just want to have everything dangly that’s what I love about the earrings
and all different kinds of beads that you can use any color combination you
prefer I chose black and silver for this look so
now I’m gonna do another one I’ve already finished the one part of the set
now I’ve got to do the other earring but I just wanted to give you an idea so
you know what you need it’s a five part step 5 step alright I meant to say
earring so what you want to do is you want to get your chain cut it to
whatever Lane then you’re going to do the first part and that’s the second
part you’re gonna want to get your wire and make two loops in the end thread
your beads in and then curve your wire bend it and hook it up with these jump
rings these are six millimeter jump rings but you can use any size type you
want that works for you and then you hook it on the first length of the chain
above the links that you cooked the bottom part up so that’s what it’s gonna
look like with the loops on either end now for the middle dangly piece you’re
going to use three jump rings and the eye pin in a cup I can make a loop at
the top and then hang three of the jump rings right in the center where your
fish hook is the same exact link that the fish hook is hanging you can hang
that and see it hangs towards the middle that’s why I added three jump rings now
all you have to do is for the last and fifth guard is hang the teardrops on the
bottom see and that’s what it’s gonna look like it’s really simple
I used three jump rings you might want to thread those jump rings in while
you’re threading your beads because it’s harder to put those jump rings in and I
used again three jump rings and that’s what it’s gonna look like so it’s really
simple it’s easy it’s five simple steps a chain some beads and some jump rings
and an eye pin and that’s what it’s gonna look like and
it looks really nice on so if you have any questions please put them in the
comment section thanks for watching don’t forget to Like share and subscribe
thanks for watching

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