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CROCHET, Black Pendant- crochet jewelry, jewellery, jewelery,

CROCHET, Black Pendant- crochet jewelry, jewellery, jewelery,

Hi everyone,
today I’m going to show you how to crochet a motif to use as a necklace
pendant so let’s get started to make the black one I use this number
10 crochet thread and I worked with two strands but it’s too difficult for you
to see my stitches in black so today I’m going to use this cotton worsed and
you’ll need about five yards for one, and a 4.5 millimeter
crochet hook. Start with a slip stitch, chain 5 (1 2 3 4 5) now I’m going to
double crochet in the third stitch from the hook so pull the yarn through the
stitch pick up the yarn pull it through two loops pick up the yarn pull it
through two loops and that’s a double crochet and I want this to be an oval so
that means I have to make a multiple of stitches in there and a multiple
stitches down here. I want six double crochet in this end stitch and the
stitches that we skipped take the place of the first double crochet so
that’s one, and so that means I need four more double crochet in this very same
stitch, so one two three and four and now double crochet in the next stitch
which is the stitch here, and there’s the last stitch of the row, so I’m going to
make six double crochet in that same stitch (one,two three four five six)
now there’s one stitch right here, I’m going to make one double crochet in that
stitch and I’m going to find the two stitches here that are equivalent to a
double and I’m going to slip stitch to join in the top, and so now I have an
oval shape now I’m going to make the edge, and that’s chain two (1,2) single
crochet in the next stitch, chain two, single crochet in the next stitch
and you’re going to repeat that all the way around. chain two single crochet and
do that all the way around okay work all the way around, and I’m going to make
one last single crochet and then I’m just going to slip stitch into the very
first stitch, fasten off. Now you can add buttons or beads or brooches to the
center of your motif. so this is just a button that I purchased so I could sew
that on the center, and I have this button I could sew that button on, or you
can make a cluster of beads and sew that on, and to make these. I just had a
square felt and I started out with a button and then I sewed on a row of
beads and then I sewed on a third row of beads and I did all that on a piece of
felt. And I could sew that and there’s my finished one in black so I have a
button on there but I could have this button or this cluster of beads or this
brooch and if you want to stiffen your motif, you could saturate it in white glue
or clear varnish and you can attach it to purchased chains, or if you want to
make your own chains you can check out my video on how to make your own crochet
chains for jewelry. I will place links below for how to make your own necklace clasps,
how to make jump rings, and my playlist for all my other DIY jewelry. Thanks for
watching, bye for now

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  2. I could sit and watch your videos all day. I wouldn't get any of them done. lol 😋 you're a wonderful teacher

  3. Hi Emi, I love how this can be all totally handmade when you use your bead cluster, which is beautiful itself! Thank you for all your wonderful videos!

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