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Cricut Knife Blade – Leather Earrings

Cricut Knife Blade – Leather Earrings

Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel
Avanti Morocha. Today I’m going to show you how to make leather earrings using Cricut. First, if you haven’t watched my previous video on how to cut leather using the knife blade I recommend you to check it out it has a lot of information about cutting leather with a Cricut. Now let’s begin. Because I’m cutting leather I’m going to use Cricut Maker and a Knife Blade For this earrings I’m going to use Cricut genuine leather faux suede and goatskin. I got this one at my local craft store. When you are cutting leather with the knife blade you need to use the strong-grip mat. I’m in Design Space. I’m going to upload a couple of designs I made. These designs have the dimensions want, but feel free to modify them as you see fit. I will be using two images from Cricut
Access to make two earrings. Go to images type Southwest in the search box. This feather is going to be a perfect earring. As you can see it has two layers I’m
going to delete one. Rotate the image. I want the height to be 2.5 inches, Now I’m going to modify this design to work like earrings. Add a circle, modify it, place it over the feather, select both, and click on “wedge.” I’m going to continue modifying the image, this is all about adding shapes, sliding and welding pieces until I get the form I want for the earrings. I hope this shows how images from Cricut Access can be modified in Design Space and they can be used for all sort of
different projects, It may take a little while to edit them,
but it works. at the second image type to teardrop in the search box. This is another image that is going to work. Same thing here I’m going to modify this
image until it has the form I want for my earrings As you can see, it has two layers. I’m going to delete one. I want the height to be 2.5 inches. Duplicate the layer Now modify the dimensions, place it on top. Select both layers and click on a slice. Delete the extra layers. Now that I’m happy with the results I’m going to duplicate this
layer. when cutting genuine leather, I recommend using simple designs Select all and click on “attach.” I didn’t have a leather hole punch on hand, so I decided
to make the holes with Cricut However, I recommend using a hole punch especially if you are making more than a couple of earrings Now click on “make it.” I’m going to move the design to the position 1:1 on the mat. This will give me enough space to place tape around the piece of leather Click on “continue.” Set the material, go to browse all materials. Type “garment” in the search box. Since I want to use the knife blade, I will be using the garment leather settings. This part is really important, don’t forget to move the star wheels all the way to the right. Make sure the material is no wider than 11 inches. and is secured to the strong-grip mat using masking tape all four sides I have the knife blade in clamp B, and now I’m going to load the mat. Before beginning the cut, move all these
stair wheels to the right. How do you place the leather on the mat is up to you You can place it with the smooth side up or down. As you can see, I secured the piece of leather with tape. Load the mat. Click on the Cricut button to start the
the job. I fast-forwarded this part of the video. I’m using the garment leather settings that will do four passes around the design. However, I’m going to pause the job when the second pass is done. Check if the blade went
through with the two passes. I checked, it looks good, now cancel the rest of the job and remove the mat. As you can see, the cut looks pretty good with only two passes using the knife blade. As I mentioned before, I made the earring holes using Cricut, but I’d recommend getting a leather hole punch if you’re going to make more than than a couple. assemble one earing with these pieces. Place the 6mm ring thought the holes and closed at the top. Then attach the other 4mm ring and finally the hook. And this is the result. assemble this hearing Now I’m going to cut these designs that
are a little more intricate using faux suede. Select all and click on attach. then click on make it I’m going to move the design to position 1:4, only because I know this area is more sticky. click on continue I will be using the same garment leather settings I used in the previous earrings. Load the mat. Click on the Cricut button to start the job. I fast forward this part of the video just
like before I’m using the same settings and I’m stopping the job when the second
pass is done. check to see if the blade cut the material. The cut is done, cancel the job and unload the mat. With only two passes and the Knife Blade, the cut was completed I want the suede earring to have two sides with the finish material, so I’m going to glue two pieces together. Now I’m going to make earrings with the
goatskin using the same settings from the previous earrings the cut was done with only two passes Now I’m going to assemble this earring
just as I did before All done. If you want you can cut some
decorative pieces on adhesive foil. Remove the excess material and just transfer tape to transfer the design to the earrings Place the decoration on the earring, use the scraper to ensure it is placed and remove the transfer tape Do the same with the other pieces. You can download the SVG files of the earrings I designed on my blog I’m also going to share the link to the
project. To be able to use Cricut images you need to be subscribed to Cricut
Access. I hope you’ve liked this project and if you make it don’t forget to share a picture on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram I’d love to see If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section. if you are interested in a Cricut, I’m going to leave you the links to where you can buy it in the info box below the video. if you are new to my channel and you like what you see hit the subscription button, Tap the notification bells, so you get informed every time I release a new video. Don’t forget to visit my blog, follow me on my social media, like this video and share it with your loved ones. See you soon, chau chau.

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