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Create Leah’s Pavé Swarovski Crystal & Pearl Bracelet

Create Leah’s Pavé Swarovski Crystal & Pearl Bracelet

Hi, everyone! Leah here from Eureka with another fun beading video for you before I get
started just a quick reminder as always to check out the rest of our Channel and
if you like what you see hit the subscribe button and notification bell
and you’ll always know when we’re posting new content so today what I have
for you is a really fun bracelet design I’m calling it my Pavé Swarovski
Bracelet and it utilizes Swarovski crystals 3 millimeter bicones as well as
Swarovski pearls some seed beads as well plus a beautiful clasp and if you look
close it has that sort of pavé diamond look to it so that’s what we’re gonna that’s
sort of the highlight of the bracelet is that beautiful Center which is going to
utilize tubular herringbone or tubular ndebele depending on which name you
want to call it but absolutely stunning it’s somewhat of a hollow tube it has a
lovely like slinkyness about it, nice little flexibility there and it’s actually very
surprisingly comfortable to wear and this is sort of the the look you get
with it I think it’d be beautiful for the holidays as well as for gift-giving
as well it doesn’t utilize a ton of bicones which is another reason why it
would be great for for giving as a gift because that way you can certainly get
more out of your budget so the colors that I’m gonna do today
oops there goes my seed beads that I’m gonna do today are more of an olivey
intense green look using swarovski pearls in Scarabaeus green which if
you’ve never seen them in person have a beautiful iridescence to them I love the
iridescent swarovski pearls the most love my little triangles here as well
scoop up my seed beads I have a nice matte colored seed bead here as well
with a little bit of an iris on it I really like using matte seed beads with
Swarovski crystals I think it’s a nice contrast and then of course I have some
swarovski bicones 3 millimeter these are in Olive AB2X and I love that
extra sparkle that adds especially for the holidays and then
have a tierracast toggle clasp as well okay so to get started here I have six
pound fireline threaded onto a very well-loved very wonky size 12 needle and
as far as how much this particular project it’s easiest if you can do it
with one line one continuous line of fire line if you can’t not the end of
the world but I just find that there are a lot of very long passes we’re gonna
make with this bracelet so it’s easiest and you will eat this up very fast
actually so you won’t have to work with such a long piece for a very long but
the amount that I have here is a bit more than a full wingspan I would say
maybe it’s a wing span and a foot so it’s a good amount so it pull a nice
long tail there and like I said it’s gonna get eaten up pretty fast
so don’t worry too much about having to do a lot of intricate work here in the
center with with this much fire line I’m choosing not to wax it only because of
all the crystal I have here I really want to make sure that I don’t get any
waxy build-up there because the beauty of this is that sort of pavé look and I
want to make sure that there’s no wax that could interfere with any of that
stunning sparkle so I’m gonna start by dumping out some of my beads here and again
these are Toho size 11s you can certainly use Miyuki ones as well all right and as far as my sizes here for
the pearls I have four millimeter and six millimeter pearls and yeah so let’s
get started so I’m going to start with one half of my clasp and I’m gonna load
on seven of my seed beads here now depending on the clasp your seed beads
may or may not be able to float through that loop there
the clasp I’m working with the seed beads can so I can load on all seven at
once if your seed beads don’t want to float through that loop load on four go
through the clasp and then another three we’re gonna bring this to almost the end
leave a tail of course that’s long enough that you can weave it in a little
bit later leave a few inches on there now that very first seed bead the one
that’s closest to the end of the thread what we’re gonna do is go back through
that heading towards the end of that tail what you’re gonna get is a nice
little little loop here now depending on the size of this loop as far as the
thickness of the wire here or you know the wire stock that forms that loop you
may have to make a loop that’s a little bigger maybe even a little smaller but
for your standard toggle the seven I think works out really well so we end up
with basically three on either side and one down at the bottom of where they’re
joined together and all I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna tie my tail and my working
thread in a square knot and this will just temporarily help us keep it there
once we load on the next bead the next bead or two that will keep it on there
just fine but this is just to keep that loop formed for the time being okay so if nice little loop there so now in this particular sample I had three of my four
millimeters and then I have five of my six millimeters I’ve actually added one
additional bead two of each of those sizes to make my next sample a little
longer so you’ll have to play with how many you want there as far as your
finished length if you do three and then five your bracelet will be pretty short
this does technically fit me but it ends up being a very fitted bracelet so to
have it be something a little more comfortable you might want to consider
doing four and then six or even five and then seven so I’m gonna start by loading
on four millimeter pearl and then a seed bead and I’m gonna repeat that for the
subsequent pearls that I’m going to be adding okay now I’m going to go ahead and add
on my six 6 millimeter pearls again seed bead in between each bead and I’ll give you plenty of close-ups so you can see exactly what this all looks like okay there we go I’m gonna bring this all the way to the
end and this is what we have okay so again a seed bead oops I missed a seed
bead right there all right okay I went back and I took off some of those
beads to get back to the area where I had missed a seed bead so now you can see
how I have all of my my pearls there lined up with a seed bead in between
each one now is where we’re gonna start our herringbone so if you’ve never done
herringbone before you’re gonna want to really pay attention here to the
visual analogy that I’m gonna use so first I’m gonna start by picking up
three of my size 11s bring them all the way down and I’m gonna go back down
through just the first one and then I’m gonna head back down through all these
beads however many I can get through in one pass to start and that’s not too
shabby we’ll end up going down through all the rest of them as well but just
for this next step I want to be able to show you what I mean when I say the
herringbone visual analogy so you’re gonna see these you’re a little group of
three beads right there looks a little messy you’re gonna have to sometimes pop
them into place a little bit with your finger and what you want to see is that
so if you can use your imagination you want to imagine that the single seed
bead right there is the trunk of a tree and then you have these two seed beads
on top there and I want you to imagine that they are the left branch and the
right branch of the tree that is an analogy that’s going to be very very
helpful hopefully for doing herringbone if you’ve never done herringbone before
so again we have that single trunk at the bottom and then we have a left
branch and a right branch so we’ll go back to that in a little little bit
because right now what I need to do is finish going down the rest of my
bracelet here so I can turn come back up and do that all over again
so I’m gonna take a quick cut from the video now and I’ll come back to you in a
second once I’ve made my way back down and all the way back up okay so I have
come all the way back up to the top of my bracelet here and I’m going to create
another tree and it’s going to sit right next to this one but it’s going to be
completely separate they are not going to share a trunk they’re not going to
share branches or anything I’m essentially going to do what I did
before and I’m going to pretend like that tree isn’t even there so again
we’re gonna pick up three of our size 11s bring them down go back down through
just the first one and then head on down into however many you can make with one
pass again the goal will be to go all the way back down and all the way back
up again so we pull this down and again you’ll kind of have to pop it into place
a little bit looks a little funky right now one branch is sitting on top of the
other just use your fingertip you just pop it down into place and then once you
pull it tight that will also help so we have two little trees here two separate
trunks two separate sets of branches so now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
travel all the way down here again when we get here we’re looping through the
loop of seed beads I’m gonna travel all the way back up and I’m gonna make one
more tree so I’ll see you back here in a minute okay so what I’ve gone and done
is I had gone back down all the way through here I come up I did one more
tree and then I went back down cuz I had to secure that tree there back down and
then all the way back up so this whole section here has a ton of fire line
through it so it’s really nice and strong then of course it’s nice and
clean looking down at the clasp as well so what I have at the top are three
little trees and my fire line is coming up from the last six millimeter pearl so
it’s not actually coming up through any of the seed beads currently but we have
these three little trees now I want you to see how they can just sort of flare
out like that this is the start of our tubular herringbone so what we need to
do next is basically pick a tree any tree and
you’re going to go up through that tree’s trunk now remember the trunk is
the single seed bead at the bottom and now you’re gonna go up through one of
the branches now righties like me are more likely gonna
want to pick the left branch to go up if you’re a lefty you may want to pick the
right branch because this will determine the direction that you move around the
tube I’m a righty I’m gonna pick the left branch so I’m gonna go up through
the trunk and then up through the left branch of that tree nice good close-up okay pull all the way through now the
basic premise of herringbone is we’re going to be making the layers and these
layers are gonna keep adding height to our trees so we’re going to keep adding
pairs of branches now remember a pair of the branches is the left branch on the
right branch we’re gonna keep adding pairs of branches as we go around and
it’s gonna build up now the way this differs from regular tubular herringbone
is the beads that we’re gonna pick up so if this was just a regular old seed bead
tubular herringbone I would just be picking up seed beads but I’m gonna be
alternating seed beads and crystals to give us that beautiful pavé look
with the seed bead sort of mixed in as well so what I’m gonna do is start by
picking up a seed bead and a crystal and these are my two new branches of this
tree so the seed bead is going to be the left branch and the crystal is going to
be the right branch so I’m coming up from the left branch of my current tree
and I’m gonna go down the right branch of my current tree and you can see they
kind of sit in there nicely and your hope is that they sit in there at a
little bit of an angled V they kind of angle in like that together they won’t
always sit down so nicely as they did just now and I’m sure I will get many
opportunities to show you how they sometimes sit down a little awkwardly
and you have to sort of pop them into place but in this case that is exactly
what you want them to look like but again the easiest way for you to go
about this if you’ve never done herringbone before imagine if you can
that all of the beads are just the same so even though one is a seed bead what
is and one is a crystal we have a left branch and a right branch and that’s it
so just imagine that it’s just a bead as your left branch and a bead as your
right branch so now we’re going to turn our work and you’re gonna go to the next
branch now because I’m a righty I like working counterclockwise so I’m just
going to the next one counterclockwise and I’m going to go up the left branch
of the next tree yeah we go there’s a good close-up and
I’m gonna pick up now the same beads in the same order so I did seed bead crystal
and I’m gonna do seed bead crystal again again I’m coming up from that left branch
I’m gonna go down the right branch so this is and this is where it just
doesn’t want it don’t don’t you know tug super hard if it doesn’t want to sit
down correctly tugging harder isn’t really gonna be the wisest choice here
just simply use your finger to kind of pop it down and then it’ll sit correctly
all right now we move to the third branch you’re gonna be the third tree
rather I’m sorry you’re gonna go up the left branch pull all the way through
pick up your seed bead and your crystal go down the right branch of that same
tree again it wants to snag a little bit it doesn’t want to cut sit down there
nicely just use your finger to help pop it into place okay now we have
successfully added on a new layer of branches to each of our three trees so
like with many stitches there is a step up before we can continue on and the
step up is going to be going through one additional bead before we can keep going
so if we were to just keep going around we would normally be going up the left
branch of the next tree but what our step up is gonna be is we’re gonna go
through first the bead right below it so we’ll go through the two beads so as we
go around our tree it’ll essentially be up through one up through one up through
two up through one up through one up through two and that’ll become more
clear as we’re doing it more so I went through the top two seed beads from that
very first tree so now my thread is exiting out of the new tier of branches all right now for this row we’re gonna
pick up the beads in the opposite opposite order so before we added in a
new level of branches by picking up seed bead crystal this time we’re gonna pick
up crystal seed bead so if you have trouble remembering that
simply look at the the branch you’re coming out of and we can see that’s a
seed bead so we’re gonna pick up the opposite bead so we’re gonna pick up
crystal and the seed bead and then we’re gonna go down the crystal which is our
right branch we’re coming up from the left branch going down our right branch and again you might have to pop it into
place a little bit I find the easiest thing to do to help pop it is if you
grab the seed bead portion and then pull that and that’ll pull the crystal down so now we’re gonna move to the next
branch so go up the left branch of the next tree again just that top bead and
what this does is it creates little stitches of thread that hold our trees
that bind our trees together right in between them so now we’re gonna pick up
as we did previously for this this first tree crystal then seed bead go down the
right branch pop it into place you have to grab that seed bead to make it a
little easier now we go up the left branch of the next tree again one more
time crystal then seed bead we’re coming up from the left branch we picked up our
beads we’re going to go down the right branch pop your beads into place and now again
we’ve added in another full tier of branches to all of our trees therefore
now it’s time for the step up again so because we are now wanting to set
ourselves up to do the next tier we have to do the up through two so that is
going through the left branch but also the bead right below it and another good
indicator that it’s time for a step up is that you’ll see that this side can
sort of flay out a little bit more and that’s because it doesn’t have that
stitch yet of that row to complete it so this is doing the final stitch of the
row we were just working on that’s why we had to use the bead below it first
and then when we pull this through that stitch just pull right together just
like that alright so I’m going to take a break I’m going to continue on and keep
going to get my full little pavé Center here so again right before we take a
break let me just do a quick review to start this next one I’m coming up
through a crystal there for this loading sequence will be seed bead then crystal
because we want the beads to alternate how they sit on top of each other so
I’ll pick up my two new branches go down the right branch go up the left branch
of the next tree pick up two beads go down the right branch of that tree go to
the next one pick go through the left branch pick up the two new branches go
down through the right branch and then it’ll be your up through two again your
step up so remember it’s up through one up through one up through two through
one up through one up through to keep that mantra in your head and then you
won’t miss your step up and what happens if you do miss your step up is you’re
just going to see sort of a snag in your beadwork where it’s gonna sit at a
funny angle because you’re forcing a stitch to go up higher than it wants to
because it needs to start up going the level across to the bead below the top
branch and then up to that top branch so I will be back with you in just a few
minutes okay so I have done about thirteen or fourteen rows up of my
herringbone you can see how pretty and super sparkly that looks so what I have
finished is my up through two or my step-up and again that step-up is what
will complete the row that you’re working on and sets you up to start
whatever it is you’re gonna do next so what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna
do one round with just seed beads so instead of picking up a crystal and a seed bead
we’re just gonna pick up two seed beads at a time so I’m gonna pick up my two
11s here I’m coming up through my left branch gonna go down through my right
branch pop them into place if you have to go up the next left branch of the
next tree and you can see that looks like it’s good too little too little
Evans right at the top there instead of an eleven and a crystal pick up two more
11s we’re coming up through the left branch go down the right branch again
pop them into place go up the left branch of the next tree pick up two seed
beads go down the right branch of that tree pop them into place if you have to okay so now we have a row of just seed beads
at the top okay now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start ourselves or start
getting ourselves ready for the pearls over here so I’m gonna do my step
up which is going to be again the up through two which in this case will be
the crystal right below or the bead right below whatever bead that may be
the bead right below the top left branch of the next tree and then go up through
that top branch and we’re going to pick up just one size 11 just one and
remember this this one seed bead here cuz we’re gonna have to go through it
again after we load on all those beads there so we’re gonna pick up just that
one and we’re gonna go ahead and load on all of our pearls here for this side so
we’re going to start with the six millimeter and then go to the seed bead
get all get those all on there and then create that same beaded loop at the end
so we have a six millimeter we have our seed bead six millimeter seed bead six
millimeter seed bead and so on and so forth and then move to
our four millimeters make sure I didn’t miss any of my seed beads here like I
did last time sometimes faster is not better folks
take your time go nice and slow make sure that you know you can catch any
mistakes before you’re too far past them alright so now we’re gonna load on the
seven beads for our loop here and just like in the beginning if your beads can
float through the clasp you can pick up all seven at once if they can’t load on
four go through the clasp and then three in this case I know that they can float
so I can pick up all seven and as well my clasp and then we’re gonna go back
down through that first of that group of seed beads that we picked up and then
back through as much of that bracelet as we can get through in one pass just to
make it easy for ourselves pull this all the way through you’re gonna see how
we’ll get that nice beaded loop right there and pull in the direction towards
the bracelet so my thread is coming out pointing in this direction therefore
that’s the direction I’m gonna pull in that’ll help to get this nice and tight
I’m gonna go down through the rest of those pearls and seed beads until I’m
coming out of the bottom six millimeter pearl now right below that six millimeter
pearl is that seed bead that I mentioned earlier to stay aware of and we’re gonna
go down through that one as well so again that’s that single 11 that we
picked up earlier so we’re gonna go down through that 11 and then the top right branch
of that tree that we were coming out of so just a review we were coming up the
left branch of that tree we picked up that single seed bead we added on a
bunch of beads we loop back around came back around down through that bottom
pearl that we had picked up first went back down through that single seed bead
and back down and down the right branch of the same tree we were working with so
we had a bunch of stuff in between but we were coming up from the left branch
did a bunch of stuff came back down and still ended up coming down the right
branch of that tree now we’re going to just like we would normally
do if we were continuing another herringbone we’re going to go up the left branch of
the next tree and we’re gonna repeat that we’re gonna pick up a single seed
bead and this is going to be the seed bead that again will be centered right
on top of our two branches just like we had centered that one over there on top
of that tree so we have our single seed bead we’re gonna go up all our pearls there we go and you can see how that single seed bead right there is gonna be centered on top of that tree once we
come back down and we go back down through that single seed bead again so
I’m going to take a quick break I’m gonna get all the way up and back down
so I can show you that all right so I’m coming back down through the pearl I’m
gonna pick up that seed bead that single seed bead because remember I was coming
up from a left branch I picked up that seed bead now we’re going back down
through that single seed bead then we’re also gonna go down through the right
branch of that tree and you’re gonna see how it’s going to Center nicely right
above it when we pull tight see did you see how I did that it just centered
nicely right on top of that tree and now we’re doing our last one so we’re gonna
go up the left branch of our final tree we’re gonna pick up that single seed
bead and you can see how little fireline we have left it really gets eaten up quite
a bit doing all that back and forth so we’re gonna pick up our single seed bead
we’re gonna go up the pearls here I’m gonna go up and then back down and I’ll see you back in a second to show you that one more time alright so I’m back down through the pearl I’m coming down through the pearl I’m gonna catch that
single seed bead again and then go back down or go down the right branch of that
same tree and again when I pull it tight you’re gonna see how it’s gonna center
nicely right above it just like that so this is what it ends up doing it tapers
down nicely so now basically our bracelet’s done at this point you just
have to weave out your thread to secure it which I will be honest I don’t
recommend doing in here you may think oh but it’ll help reinforce that area but
ndebele/herringbone can be such sort of a slinky stitch that if you start
putting threads through there and not staying within the thread path what you
can do is you can sort of pull little snags and it won’t really look as nice
so what I recommend doing is just making a turn around through your beadwork and
heading back up into your pearl area and doing and weaving out your thread there
so all I’m gonna do is catch my needle behind the thread path that’s going
through those beads right where my thread’s coming out and we pull until we
get a loop go through your loop pull it down go through another couple of beads
or a bead or 1 bead, 2 bead, 3 bead whatever your needle kind of happens to pop through go behind your beadwork here catch your loop pull it down right where
your thread was exiting and you’re gonna do a few more of these because you want
to make sure that your bracelet’s nice and secure after all of that beautiful
work I’ll do one more here and then once you do your last knot make
sure you weave just a little bit more I never like to cut the thread right after
the last knot I always like to weave a little bit further just so I’m not
cutting next to that knot you can see how much this is all the fireline that’s
left again that was about a wing span and a foot so that’s both of your
outstretched arms so down your arm across your body and down your other arm
plus like another foot and if you know that you have to make this a bit longer
you might want to add a little bit more but you can see the the size difference
here from adding those few extra pearls a beautiful toggle clasp super fun gorgeous sparkly look
definitely has a pretty modern look to it and this color here if you’re interested in this color this was cream rose by
Swarovski and then we had crystal double AB for the 3 millimeter and then I just
have a silver size 11 seed bead for that and then we have our green combination
that I just made today for the video for you so we’ll link you below to the
products that I used and I want to thank you for sticking around and watching
hopefully this all made sense feel free to comment with any questions that you
might have we’re pretty responsive to those questions fairly fast and make sure to visit us on over at for all of these beautiful
materials and hopefully we can satisfy all of your beading needs, bye everyone!

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    Maybe i do something wrong but what is size? 8/0? and this is toho or miuki?
    Thank you! 🙂

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