Como Fazer Um Colar de Cordão -How To Cord Necklace E 12 (English/Español SUB)

Another Artlo video for you and
today I will show How to make a necklace with cotton cord!
Easy!!! You will be able to use all those
flaps that are there do not have a closet in a box and abandoned in its
atelier … It will be very beautiful because it is colorful and super middle Hippie …
You will be able to sell, you will be able to also bracelets, earrings to
mix and a very beautiful set. Let’s start! Now yes I will show you
what we will do !!! Look at this!!! What a beautiful thing! Look how it looks! You have to go through the head! Let’s see what materials you will need to make this necklace! I bought this cotton cord at the craft store The packaging is thirty meters … you will not need to use it all
to make your necklace! Another thing you will determine
which is the size of your necklace and For example, this has in total 64 cm If you do not find
cotton cord you can use nylon cord because you
will use the fabric over so no will get you on the skin! So, no problem, right? You will need needle and thread … fabric strips … many fabric strips 2.5 cm wide As I used here warm colors here I will use cooler colors will start with the blue Then I use the lilac … I will use small pieces, patchwork that you will not use more! Here I have the embroidery threads Guys, I do not do cross stitch … do not … The colors of the lines have to highlight the colors of the fabrics! Understood? white glue … people I’ll be honest. I use white glue Elmer’s I use regular glue, without being specific. No need to use fabric glue They have fabric glue if you
prefer you can use fabric glue No problem I’m using regular glue. When in doubt, take the package and read the back label for serving Of course, put the glasses! Place the glasses and read back “to what you can use the glue: paper, fabric, etc.” So thus we: Use the glue that you want! I’m using a black line for
you can see better … You know? Remember the old grandmother of Big Bad Wolf? “To better see you my son” Thread the needle! Let’s sew one end in the other! Put the glue on the edge of the fabric, wrap and wait a little Start rolling pulling the fabric does not get loose Stretch the cord and the fabric When you arrive at the very end put more glue on the tip Do not worry because it will not be
hard, it is good! Take another track and start again where you left off! I decided to make a third cord! Make one that is between these two measures So I do the lilac! It will have 76 cm, 10 cm which is smaller than the blue! I’ve done lilac, look! It was great too! You will always use the lines with colors that stand out from the fabric! He rolled a bit, but then it comes back to normal, you will see! STOPPED!!! Now choose the lines which will highlight! Guys, it’s the same system! Let’s move glue only at the beginning and then wrap You can do as you please! You can leave the lines close or can do an X Ai when you arrive at the end of the line, a dab of glue on the tip and go changing line color! Take a piece of fabric, glue the tips … And now I sew with buttonhole stitch the fabric to reinforce! Look at that beautiful? This part here, will be back! No one will see! Look how my necklace was !!! now I will try in my neck! It crossed my mind … It was not beautiful? I thought it was beautiful !!! If you thought it was cute talking me down here, okay? It is easy to make, beautiful, a great option for gift giving and for sell You use little material and cheap material. So everything is in your favor! We thank you for watching another episode of Artlo If you liked this episode give a LIKE and do not forget to subscribe to the channel and also to share this video with other fellow craftsmen! A big kiss for you and until next !!!

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