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Cicret Bracelet UPDATE

Cicret Bracelet UPDATE

Hey Kids. As you know I recently contributed $250 to a startup’s crowd-funding campaign to develop an exciting new gadget called The Cicret Bracelet which will make it possible to project a video display from a device on your arm on to your arm. The timeline on their website said that the bracelet would start shipping to folks who contributed $250 by the end of 2016. So, naturally, many, many, many of you have been asking whether I received mine. Well, the short answer is: not yet. But that’s okay, You see, right after I sent my pledge the timeline on the website was adjusted to say that shipping is expected to start by early 2017 and now the timeline’s been removed completely because look, developing a revolutionary new product is hard and we all need to be patient at least the Cicret team are keeping us informed I haven’t received any email communication but shortly after my video about the Cicret bracelet came out the company started posting weekly blog updates about their progress in the 16 weeks since then they’ve made seven of them but I’ve learned a lot the developing prototype is looking better and better and not at all like a regular pico-projector stuck in a wristband they seem to have switched from laser projection back to LED I want to ask them if that means the focus, keystone correction, brightness, and on camera flickr issues don’t need to be worked out but I can’t because comments on all the updates and the newest prototype video are disabled according to another weekly update Cicret won a prize as one of the most innovative startups from credit union or something I was excited and looked for more details but there doesn’t seem to be any information about Cicret or the competition on that corporations website or the rest of the internet I guess I can always find out more infos at [email protected] Oh. One touching weekly update was from the Bosch Connected World Conference where Cicret’s founder Guillaume Pommier a shared a story of an email from a mother of an autistic child. (Guilluame speaking): on whether autist correct english but it’s difficult autistic yes (CD): she can only communicate with her son to an iPad but she can’t use it when he’s in the shower and hopes the Cicret bracelet to be a solution I think that would be a great use for a device like this and I’m glad the Cicret team is confident their bracelet will work as well in water as a dozen sunlight and on dark skin but until it actually exists in the hands of consumers I would urge that mother to seek out one of many available waterproof iPad cases priced substantially lower than the Cicret bracelet is projected to cost don’t get me wrong I still believe in this product and in the smartness of my 250 dollar investment but I just wanted to know what it feels like so I caved and got a knockoff bracelet on the dark web It’s called the Mistaque and uses a 2 petawatt integrated all gas-phase iodine laser so no inverse-square problems for us now let’s see what this baby can do I guess the world’s not ready for the Mistaque Oh! I almost forgot about the most important update from the Cicret team they stop soliciting money from ordinary people i don’t know if 128.2 percent of $500,000 was the magic number or if a bit of fresh attention to the campaign made them rethink their crowd funding strategy but from now on clicking the still present donate link on their website won’t cause thousands of people to accidentally invest in a product whose viability seems as much of a stretch as its delivery date and that’s got to be worth 250 bucks remember love with your heart use your head for everything else

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  1. says it is really easy to make your own sfx bracelet like this.
    Me: Tries to layer 2 shots together with blend effects and motion capture. looks like crap

  2. Imagine donating money to a fake bracelet scam instead of donating it to a kid who has seizures 47 times a day

    Edit: I'm not talking about captain disillusion, you idiots. I'm talking about the useless people who did no research on whether or not the bracelet was even possible. Even if they didn't know it was a scam, what would you do? Donate to a shitty bracelet which "you can use in the shower" or actually help a person? Like he said, why don't you get a waterproof case for your entitled little child who demands to be able to watch shitty kids shows on their iPad while taking a bath? Jesus Christ.

  3. I don’t get it… no one’s tried to track down the French guy in the video (supposedly the creator) to ask him WTF he did with everyone’s money?

    Still…. people have to be a little less gullible. If this were even close to legit Apple would have bought the tech for billions already.

  4. When we reached the 100% of our crowdfunding, we could have continued – as many projects on Kickstarter, for example – and keep receiving donations, but I decided to stop it to focus on a more traditional way of raising money. Of course, even if I don’t spend my time on it, I read the messages and comments saying that it’s a fraud, that it’s a fake… I obviously can’t see myself as a crook trying to get any dollar available from my potential donors. And I have an advice for everyone: if you have any question, always prefer to ask me directly than reading articles, streaming videos of people who never contacted us and made their own investigation without taking the time to solicit us. As you can see, when we’re not speaking about private info, we’re opened to exchange whatever our interlocutor is skeptic or enthusiastic. And we’re continuing to answer, to give updates and to take our responsibilities.

    What? I see the end of this company

  5. No no dude, you're not supposed to get one.

    If you get one, you'll see if it works or not…

    And that's a cicret

  6. I was wondering why placing your finger in the way of projection didn't cut off the image below the finger(something u may have missed) 🙂

  7. This scam reminds me of that prime beachfront property for sale in Arizona….
    Oh well, with the rising sea levels, who knows for sure…

  8. tbh even if the cicret bracelet did really work, I would not find much use for it anyway:
    1. Smart watches already exist.
    2. Once augmented reality headsets get advanced enough to be stuffed into normal glasses, the Cicret bracelet is as good as obsolete.

  9. I feel bad for the people who actually bought it. A youtuber (Mark Watts) made a video where he legit got a cheap knockoff fitbit.

  10. Good news for the mother of the autistic child, smart watches these days are water resistant for 5 atmospheres (is resistant for 50m underwater) and cost about the same as the cicret, the Samsung smart watch I have Costed me about 300$, and might not be smart phone but does support messaging

  11. they mugged you and everyone else who gave them $250 thinking that they would get the cicret bracelet, but nope. its almost 2020. you got scammed.

    R.I.P the money that everyone spent thinking they would get the cicret bracelet.

  12. Yo it’s Almost 2020 isn’t it illegal to do stuff like this, if not, pay pall me just 27 payments of 6$ to get one unicorn cloner!

  13. Wouldn't this actually work better on dark skin, since the projector could make darker images as the thing it's projected onto is darker?

  14. It's 2025 already and they still haven't made any progress…..
    oh nuts and dag nabbit,… I think it's safe now to say WE DONE BEEN DUPE-EDED!

  15. I believe their conducting this scam in different countries trying to drain as much innocent investors as possible before they high tail it

  16. This guy single handedly destroyed a crappie fund raising campaign and saved the world. He is a real life super hero.

  17. Whoever donated must be really frustrated bc they probably found out that this is just them taking advantage of the opportunity of money 😛

  18. They just ran with the money and still you can find them on linkedin like if nothing happened, none of them mention the bracelet on their profiles

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