Cascading Beads choker necklace tutorial

hello everybody today I’m going to show
you it’s a quick tutorial basically not as much as doing it but showing and
telling you how to do it yourself it’s a choker necklace it’s called a
beaded drop down choker necklace because it will hang down but not too low and
what you’re gonna first need is choker now this is about 15 gauge wire so if
you didn’t want to get one of these and you’d rather make your own choker you
can do it I’ll explain let me make this light
brighter well maybe a little so what you do is you’re gonna find these chokers
now you can find them at any craft store or at Amazon and eBay you can buy them
in bulk you can get a few of them and this one has a bowl that’s removable and
then you see that hook and all you do is a latch it like that and then that would
go like that once you latch it okay now to put the beads on it you this is a
removable ball now to put the beads on it this ball removes and what you do is
you unscrew it see so put this somewhere safe while you’re beating your choker
because once you lose it then you’re going to have an issue let’s put it in a
container so it doesn’t roll away from you and lose it so once that’s off you
can go ahead and beat it now you’re going to want to know the sequence
you’re doing it in otherwise you’ll have to remove them all because you can’t put
a bead through this end and you can’t remove that it’s already hooked so what
you’re gonna do now if you wanted to make your own you can get a bead on one
end and then put the bead in it and glue it using a clear glue and then you can
bend this which is easy you just make a hook and then bend it and don’t close it
all the way and then make sure you can hook it like that so and these are
typically sick tene inches now if you have a wider neck
it might be better for you to make your own choker okay or you can just bend
them and then just hook the wires or you can do a loop and attach a jump ring and
then a clasp and then on the other side I make another loop and attach a big
jump ring and then this week and just shut it with a clasp so you can do that
many different ways the easiest way is if you didn’t need a wider choker other
than 16 it just is just to buy these like I said they come in the craft
stores anywhere from three to six in a package you can get these online
probably six to twelve or more in a package feels a Sylvie’s with the tuples
in the end that unscrew and these don’t latch they just simply go like that and
hang off your neck but if you have some weight it might pop off so I don’t know
if I feel comfortable with these but that’s up to you because if 16 is just
too tight this kind of stretches okay oops sorry
in the camera okay so like I said you could buy a package of these at any
craft store or online Amazon eBay wherever you want get enough of them
because you can make a lot of things on there okay so let’s get closer so once
you do that you want to put your beads now I got all these assortment of beads
with the oval I’m just gonna bring it here with the oval ones so with the oval
ones and what I did with these was I got these at Hobby Lobby they were $9.99 but
they’re always on sale they usually have sales at Hobby Lobby for 50 50 to 70
percent off and you can also get a coupon as long as there’s no sale you
can use that coupon and you get like these oval ones and these these beads
and a few other assortment of beads if I can find a picture it comes like in a
long case but I unbox them already so if I could find a picture I’ll insert it
right here and these also have got a hobby live
Lobby they come in a little package you also are gonna want to get these and you
can find whatever style you prefer okay so you can get at a craft store or
wherever you want so what I did was I found all the items that I wanted and I
got my wire try not to use too thin a wire when you’re doing the beads because
they’ll tend to break so you I use just my own 15 to 17 gauge wiring and on this
particular one and what I did was I first got my choker and I put these
separators first to see how I want to do them then I went by length now you want
to keep in mind that this is gonna fall break below your cleavage so you don’t
want this vanishing in your cleavage wearing something if you’re wearing a
shirt that goes all the way up then this will hang over your shirt and you’re
okay but if you’re wearing like a low-cut shirt or a spaghetti strap or
whatever this will fall down in your cleavage and it will hide if it’s too
long this is great because it goes up just this much so you have so it’s long
enough yet short enough that it’s not gonna get lost in your cleavage so all
right so that’s why I did that and see you you want to hold it up once you do
it before you beat everything and see how that falls so you want to do the
center one first now what you need to do is you’re gonna get your wire you’re
gonna make a loop at the end you’re gonna make a loop at the end and then
you’re going to put your spacer your bead your spacer and then make another
loop then you’re gonna attach a jump ring now and this particular one I
didn’t I just connected the two ends but you’re better off with the jump ring
because that’s what I did on the other one that I’m going to
you in a minute because it otherwise it kinks up and it kind of bends if you
don’t do that and it has better flow and sway in the dangling more fluidity in
there in the dangling way so you want to do that so what I did was I made a loop
and you want to use a jump ring between your beads and see how I spaced it these
were two of these because you don’t want them so close that they’re on top of
each other because they won’t hang nice little overlap just keep that in mind
and before so what you’re going to do is you’re gonna make a loop gonna use a
jump ring for that you’re going to put your spacer bead a spacer and a
different bead you know do your beads however you want you notice how this
one’s different it doesn’t have a spacer above each one is different and each one
is shorter or longer so keep that in mind when you’re doing that and then
you’re gonna want to make a loop then you put a jump ring then you do your
other one you’ll make a hook a little loop space or your bead and then you
take a little bead now for the bottom portion since this is separate you can
use a head pin now you can use a regular head pin they’re just straight long pins
that you can cut and they have a little pin head at the end just like a regular
pin or they a decorative one with beads you if not you get a little beat so that the
big B don’t fall right through it but if not use a wire make a loop put your
space or your bead then a little bead and then a tiny tiny hook at the end
very tiny and then you smash it with your pliers your flat nose pliers so
that you can barely see it and that prevents all your beads from sliding and
it gives it a nice finished edge so you just do that process throughout your
whole beating I make two at a time first I do my middle to see how long I want it
I put it on the choker before I add my beads and I see how I like it and how
far it hangs and then I go ahead and I do the end pieces which are gonna be
shorter you typically don’t want it too long okay I do them at the same time so
that the same length then I do the other inner end ones and I do them at the same
time and I do the last ones that are next to the middle and I did them at the
same time and then I went ahead and configured how I want everything hanging
and when I was happy with the way it looked and hang I went ahead and did
that now if you wanted to beat all the way up you can but I kind of like the
way it looks with seeing the choker because otherwise it’s too much bead and
then in the ends if you didn’t want this sliding up constantly you can get some
jewelry glue some clear jewelry glue like I wouldn’t use a glue gun because
it’s gonna dry cakey and lumpy and you’ll see it get some e6000 clear
jewelery glue on a cute on a q-tip on a toothpick and just rub some pick up the
end one rub some around not a lot and then put this down and do the same on
the other side and wait for it to dry East 6-thousand glue typically takes up
to 24 hours to dry so you should do that because this way it’ll keep it stable
now I’m going to show you a different color once so keeping my I got this at
Hobby Lobby and I have a picture let insert it now of
what the package looks like this is it in green now move it a little
further see and get a better look now these beats are a little different I
didn’t want to make it exactly like the peach one I wanted to give it a
different variation again I used the choker with the bowl at the end so again
I use the choker with the ball at the end and like I said you can make your
own and I already explained at the beginning of this video how do you do it
and you can make it bigger if you don’t want 16 inches now the middle one is
just slightly longer than my other choker but it still doesn’t go down to
won’t go down too low because like I said you don’t want it falling in
between your cleavage and then it’s hidden and you have to fish for it and
everybody’s looking down you’re sure that your necklace so it works great if
you’re wearing a shirt that goes up to your collar but if you want to wear it
with like a spaghetti strap dress shirt or a tank top that’s a little cut you
don’t want this falling down in between your cleavage so be careful of how long
you make of it now this is just slightly longer than the other one
grab that it’s just like I said slightly longer see but not by much so just keep
that in mind when you’re making these don’t get crazy and think you want these
really long ones unless you don’t care about that then go for it so what I did
with this is which is better with the jump rings in-between where I didn’t do
that because those are my first ones so you want to do the same thing figure out
how or what you’re gonna put up here I’ve got some light on the subject here
and then you’re going to get before you put everything do your middle one okay
it’s very important that you do your middle one first to see how everything’s
gonna go because then these will fall accordingly
because you might make it too short and it would look ridiculous or you might
make it way too long you kind of want to make them build a uniform so I got a
piece of wire I made a loop at the end and you bring
this I made a loop at the end okay put that on that jump ring and as also it
has nice flow good fluidity and dangling then you put a spacer a bead a spacer
and you make another loop then you get a jump ring then you get another piece of
wire and you put a loop a spacer a bead a spacer another loop a jump ring and
then repeat that again and then at the end you’re going to do the one last
piece which you like I said you can use a head pin for you’ll make a loop at the
end attached to the jump ring I did this with one of these spacers and these two
type spacers and this is a spacer bead and then the oval one and then I put a
little bead at the end and like I said you can get the head pins that have the
beads at the end or just do what I did okay and then I went ahead and made
these two at the same time do these two at the same time and these two and see I
made a little piece with the loop so attached to a jump ring a bead is a
spacer bead a spacer a loop a jump ring then the last part and the last part
like I said could be a head pin and that’s all I did for that and then this
one the second one to the end I did this much the loop did I said I didn’t put a
spacer on top to make it a little different and then I attached the bottom
part and then so on this one’s the same except I put a spacer on the top see I
just skipped and this one didn’t have a spacer on top but I had one on bottom
just to give it a little bit of different look and there you go and
that’s the green one and so they have different colors at Hobby Lobby like I
said it was nine Denine that they usually have a sale for
50 to 70 percent off sometimes 40 but you can always get a coupon which you
can only use the coupon if it’s not on sale so but they have different colors
they have like the peach like I said like this and they have this green and
they have black but with the black ones I didn’t see any of these oval beads so
I’m not really sure but they give you different kinds of beads so you don’t
have to use these same exact ones so that’s the tutorial for though so that’s
the tutorial for those and I hope you liked it and on my next tutorial
I’m going to show you how to make these this hanging choke you

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