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Brown Bear Brown Bear | Storytelling Necklace | Arts & Crafts Activity for Kids

Brown Bear Brown Bear | Storytelling Necklace | Arts & Crafts Activity for Kids

Hi friends, it’s me Bri Do you know this book? “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” Well today let’s draw color and create a special storytelling necklace like this For this project you’ll need some paper colored pencils to match the colors in the story a black pen and later scissors some yarn or string and Beads, I’m using pasta We’ll use just one piece of paper Since there are nine animals, we want to make the paper into nine equal parts First I’ll fold in to make three sections make sure all the sections are about the same and crease Your folds will make these lines in the paper I’m going to color them orange just so we can see a little better Turn the paper the other way and do the same fold Now it’s time to cut our squares If you don’t have small scissors made for kids remember to ask a grown-up to help you With your black pen, it’s time to draw. If drawing the animals is too difficult There’s a printable paper linked in the description and you can color instead First let’s draw the brown bear. Keep his head in the top right corner Two round ears a round face and now the body We’ll create a small gap for the bear’s legs one out in front like he’s walking and one in the back Then a small tail For his face two little eyes, a round nose I’ll color mine black. A small mouth And don’t forget the ears I’m using a peach color for the inside of the bear’s ears Other than that, I’m using a brown pencil Brown bear brown bear. What do you see? Roar! Roar! Rooooaaar! Next is the red bird. I’ll make a round head but before I close the circle, I’ll make a triangle beak one small eye a straight back with a feathered tail a round belly a wing and two feet Let’s color! I’ll use yellow for the beak and the feet Then I’ll use red for the bird’s face and body Sometimes I color lighter And sometimes I press harder on my pencil to make a darker color Red bird red bird, what do you see? Next let’s draw the yellow duck The duck will have a curve in his back to make a tail Come around again to his head and make a longer beak Then a small eye and for his feet triangle shapes And of course one wing To color I’ll use orange for the beak and the feet Then yellow for our duck Yellow duck yellow duck What do you see? quack quack quack quack Next let’s draw the blue horse For his face some hair on top and a long oval shape We’ll draw two ears two small eyes and a snout with little nostrils We’ll draw his mane next. The hair on his head Now draw his back down to his back legs one Two now his belly a front leg And I’ll draw some lines for hooves Don’t forget hair for his tail and One more front leg this one we’ll draw bent Again I’ll use a little bit of peach color for his ears. Other than that a blue sometimes light sometimes darker Blue horse blue horse. What do you see? It’s time for the green frog Let’s make two round eyes on top Then come down and stop We’ll make two front legs Before we finish the body. It’s shaped almost like a bell Next, two back legs. The frog is sitting down For the eyes, we’ll draw a bigger circle and a smaller dot a bigger circle smaller dot and the frog is happy Let’s color! Green frog, green frog, what do you see? Ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbit Next the purple cat Let’s make a circle face two pointy ears a nose That I’ll color black. A small mouth To little eyes and some whiskers The cat is sitting down So we’ll draw her legs like this On the backside her leg will be bent and One more in the front Now a long tail I’ll use peach again for the ears and now purple Purple cat purple cat what do you see? Meow meow meeeoooww The white dog is next. Another longer face with floppy ears I’ll make a snout, a lower black nose and Two little eyes I’m going to make a spot around this eye Just like the cat the dog is sitting down Now this is a white dog. So we don’t need any color white dog, white dog What do you see? Arf arf arf arf arf arf arf! Next the black sheep let’s make a small little cloud shape a round face two ears from the sides Two little eyes and a nose A round black nose The sheep’s hair is very fluffy We’ll make a bigger cloud shape all the way around a small tail and four legs I’m going to draw some lines to show the wool of the sheep Peach for the face then black Black sheep. Black sheep. What do you see? Baa Baa Baa Baa! Our last animal is the goldfish Let’s make a big tail like this Come around and almost finish the circle But instead we’ll make a mouth like this Will draw some gills on the top some gills on the side and A big round eye For a more golden color, I’ll mix some orange pencil and Some golden yellow crayon Goldfish goldfish. What do you see? Bloop bloop bloop bloop bloop We did it! We made all the animals! Now, it’s time to cut them out Ask a grown-up if you need help Next we’ll take a hole puncher. If you don’t have one you can make a hole carefully with scissors Let’s make a hole in the middle of each animal We’ll use that hole to string our necklace Gather up some yarn or string and measure about how long you want your necklace to be cut the length of the yarn to Help string your necklace much easier I recommend adding Tape to the ends of your yarn or string That will really help to push the yarn through each hole With your animals ready and your yarn ready, let’s make a necklace! keep your animals facing up and Put them through the hole one by one In between each animal, I’m putting a piece of pasta You can use beads or a different kind of pasta Just make sure the hole is big enough to fit through Keep going animal, bead Animal, bead in order just like the storybook Until you’re finished Turn it around and voila! Finished! You can add extra beads to the end of your necklace all the way up or only one if you want Then make a knot so that you can take your necklace on and off over your head Now your necklace is finished Brown bear, brown bear what do you see? I see a red bird looking at me Red Bird red bird What do you see? I see a yellow duck looking at me Yay! You can read or sing the story any time with your new necklace remember to subscribe to my channel for more books and more fun Thank you for creating with me today See you next time Bye bye!

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