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Body Piercing Tips & Aftercare : How to Hide a Navel Piercing

Body Piercing Tips & Aftercare : How to Hide a Navel Piercing

Hi I’m Tristan McCauley from Lucky Seven Tatoo
and I’m here to show you how to hide a belly piercing. One of the best things to use is
a small retainer like this. It is squishy, it is rubbery, it is clear and basically it
sits in there and holds the space for the piercing while you have your jewelry out.
It is easy to hide, nobody notices it. The first thing is you want to make sure that
your piercing is completely healed before you try to change it out. Changing it out
before that can lead to an infection or it will get irritated and things of that nature.
You also want to make sure that your retainer is presterilized and prepackaged before you
use it. Sterilized jewelry produces a risk of infection and products the risk of cross
contamination. Put it in and you first remove the old jewelry by unscrewing the top bead,
removing the cap to the bead if that is what you have in, and pushing from the bottom up
you push the little jewelry straight through and put the retainer on there and that is how you hide a navel piercing.

97 thoughts on “Body Piercing Tips & Aftercare : How to Hide a Navel Piercing”

  1. aw that sucks! im asian too but my mom is okay with it but obviously doesnt like the idea of piercings that much. my dad never knew and i got my tongue done a year after and im pretty sure my dad has seen it but hasnt said anything……lucky me =] hahahaha

  2. so do u still have the piercing?? and also i was just wondering if u memeber the pain… how manageable was the swelling? was it bearable? plz n thnx

  3. who cares if you can hide your piercing if you're a dead hooker. try getting a more convincing model and possibly a more knowledgable piercer.

  4. ughhh thats what i been trying to tell my dad bche dont want me to get it done but weh yu thnk bout it not the whole world gonna knw i got it done less i show it off lol ):

  5. hey , can you please look at my work that ivé done on my sister , i made a short video whn i make a conch piercing, please tell me what you think of it if its looks ok,

  6. when i get my belly pierced i used dr numb i and wondering if i could use it again after the piercing…..i am also wondering what i could put on the jewelery to sterilize it i used sea salt on the piercing…..last my friend want to get her piercing done with bioplas can she without her body rejecting it

  7. @ambiesweetie it doesn't work if you want to go swimming and people in your family or your friends family don't approve.

  8. @kindergarten6 Press the up button on the bottom left hand side of the video, and click CC, that will hide the subtitles.

  9. just another way to get MORE money out of us, i agree want to hide your navel piercing, pull your shist down, problem solved!

  10. @Natthix bioplast is one of the hypoalergenic materials for the piercing, which means if your alergic to any of steel metals, gold metals, silver metals, use bioplast

  11. @Spadserbamsen omg i did that too i got mine 2 weeks ago in march 20 and my parents were so mad they took away my phone but gave it back after a week and now they forgot all about it ^.^ lol

  12. sooo hi im fourteen i am getting it done here in like a week or so and my mom would kill me if she ever found out i was getting it done do you know where i can get one

  13. @TheSuperfudge1
    check this site to see which one you want, then go to your towns hot topic and buy it, like he said in the video, give it some time to change it because naval piercings can take from 6months to 1 year or more depending on how well you take care of it

  14. I got my belly button pierced like a month ago and there's like this little bump with this white stuff in it formed around the upper ball of the piercing. My pierced said it's normal at times and I can use stuff like sea water to make it go away. Can I use like an antibiotic cream on it ?

  15. @PolishBabyCakes This is normal when you are pierced. You are suppose to wash a piercing with seasalt water or soap daily the first months until your piercing is healed.

  16. I really want to pierce my belly, but I'm just worried about what would happen to the hole after pregnancy? People say the hole will stretch out and look nasty.
    Any ideas?

  17. @SceneGirlJinxx try using some tape, you know that one the doctors use that's like cloth and just say you hit yourself or something, worked with me 😀

  18. Can I gt my bellybuttonpiercing pierced with the clear one or does it have to be the one they give you that's new? Then change it to the Clearwater???

  19. I did it with 15 years old, my parents knew it 2 moths later… I was luck, my mother accepted, but my father… no. Now he say me "I want a pearcing" and me "What the hell… you arent a biker." My mother said "if you make one, divorce." XD

  20. where do you buy those clear bars from my boyfriends step sis wants some because she isnt aloud it for her new job and i would like some aswell because i'm piercing my belly button!!!!! video will be up soooooooooon ! x

  21. People hide them for sports. I cheer and play lacrosse and my coaches do random checks, but when I don't have a game or practice I put mine back in

  22. If after awhile you don't want the piercing can you take it out and it will with no trace of you ever having I don't have one but was just wondering because I am thinking of getting one when I am 15 or 16

  23. If after awhile you don't want the piercing can you take it out and it will with no trace of you ever having I don't have one but was just wondering because I am thinking of getting one when I am 15 or 16

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