Blue Crystal & Silver Dangle Earrings Video Tutorial

Hello and welcome to another jewelry making
video brought to you by Today we’re going to be making these cute
sparkly dangling earrings. The supplies are all very simple. It’s the way you put it together
that gives you the effect. So to make these earrings, you will need some
tube beads. Now, I found these, these are actually 3mm crimps, but I thought they would
look great strung together as tubes. So, I have these. And by the way, all of my findings
today are silver plated. So we have two ear wires, some crimps, and
crimp covers, and then an assortment of 4mm Swarovski crystal bicones. This is an assortment
that Swarovski put together, it’s called “Muted Blues.”
For tools, you’ll need a pair of chain nose pliers and wire cutters. And you’ll also need
bead stringing wire to put your beads on. I’ve gone ahead and made the first earring
so you can see what we’re doing here. And first step is to cut yourself a piece of bead
stringing wire, just a few inches long. The next thing you want to do is slide on
a crimp. This will make the stopper at the end of each of our dangles. And then, grab it
with your chain nose pliers and slide it all the way to the end of the wire and then squeeze
to flatten. Now, there’s a little tiny bit of wire sticking out at the end of that. Just
go ahead and trim it off. Give it a tug, make sure that crimp’s not
going anywhere. And then you’re going to put on one of your bead covers. Now these things
are slippery, so I found if I put it on my surface and then slide the crimp into it,
it seems to have the most success. And then, grab it with your chain nose pliers
and squeeze to close. And then, you can go ahead and slide on whatever pattern of beads
you want. I’m going to go ahead and copy this one. So, it’s a crystal, and then one, two
or three of the tube beads and then crystals. And repeat to make all three of your strands,
making each one a different length. So you can see, I’ve finished stringing all
these. And I’ll show you the steps to finishing them up and making them into dangles. You
just slide on a crimp, slide the wire back through. And then, leave a very small loop
and squash that crimp flat. Trim off the excess wire and then cover that with a crimp cover.
And then you just open the loop of your earring, your ear wire, and slide on all the loops,
and you’re done. So here’s another look at the earrings we made today. A new use for
crimp tubes that you maybe not hadn’t even thought of using them as beads and spacers.
So I hope you enjoyed this project and that you’ll give it a try.
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