Hello! I said “Yes” to everything, without exception, for 30 days. It was the busiest, the most adventure-filled, the craziest month in my entire life ; That was the month during which I was the happiest and the most self-confident only because I said “Yes” to everything. To all the proposals I was made, I said “Yes” At the beginning, it was just a joke. I was asked why would I say “Yes” to everything And I replied “I am doing the “YES MAN” challenge” Actually, because nobody understood the joke I wanted to do it seriously and I really decided to take up the challenge for a month. I Have to say: This guy is exceptional It is very rare to find a dude who says “Yes” to everything And he does. If I say -“Do you wanna come?” -“Yes!” -“Do you want this?” -“Yes!” It is the YES MAN challenge. Oh! I’m gonna give you hell! What surprised me overall is that actually, people did not try to abuse me. They were very nice to me All the things I was asked to do were positive, with a few exceptions. What are you doing Laetitia? I’m reading all your mails and replying to them. Oh! You are recording! OK! Why are you doing that now? Because it’s only 12 minutes left before your challenge stops So, there is someone who wants to interview him on his channel that talks about real-estate. He is asking if it’s OK: “Yes, i’d love to.” What happens when you say “Yes” to everything at the very least, to me, is that with people I don’t know it didn’t change anything because when you don’t know somebody, and he doesn’t know you say “Yes” to everything he won’t do anything special, he won’t ask you for the Moon. The only thing is that I gave a lot to the homeless, but they usually don’t ask for much money. I didn’t experience a very bad situation. I have friends that asked me for money and I gave them each time. And they would give it back, whenever it was one minute, or one hour later, they would return it to me. Actually, during that period, I didn’t have my credit card, so I carried a lot of cash with me and I would give 200€ or 300€ to those who asked for, and they gave it back to me. – There is 200 bucks – Just for the photo? – No, it’s yours. – Let me give you 50 bucks back – Do you want me to give you 200 bucks? – No… Oh, yes I do. – Raj? – What? Tell me something at least. – You owe me 500€. – No I don’t. – You said “yes”. – Ok, nevermind. – So there is 300€ missing. – 150, 185, 190. We are missing 5 euros. Fair enough. – Do you agree? If Raj comes, we give it back to him. What happens, is that a lot of people asked me for great services, to help them, to give them money, to do things for them. And every time I said “Yes”, they changed their mind. When people realize you say “yes” and you are not kidding, they change their mind and reply: “Actually… No” They feel uncomfortable, and stop asking you things. However, of course, there was many embarassing moments to me, like in a subscriber meetup, when I was asked to walk in a fountain. Go, at your own speed! That wasn’t really mean! In fact, at the beginning, I didn’t want to talk about my challenge, because I was afraid of people making me do insane things. But, after two weeks, I realized that nothing had really changed, and thought “Tell them” I needed them to know and after that I would tell it to everyone, even people on the subway: “Tell me to do something, I say “yes” to everything, go on, make me do something crazy.” – He has a project called “YES MAN” He has to say “yes” to anything you want. – It’s dangerous – No – Go on Do you want him to do something? – Right now, I have no idea… – You see, you have no idea. – I have no cruel idea, but if you run into someone vicious… It has been over 3 weeks, and it never happened. only positive things. – He only met kind people! That is the whole point of this challenge. There is a guy who invited me to his apartment in Barcelona. – He could have done weird things at his apartment. – No, he just said: “Take my keys and go to my apartment if you want so” – OK, I’m gonna try – Everything is fine. The project ended on a high note, because Laetitia offered me to go in Bussels with her, in order to help her prepare an interview with the president of the European Commission, Juncker and also to film, and blog the whole experience in Brussels. And of course, I said “Yes” We wanted to ask Juncker “real” questions, and it didn’t go as planned because we faced some attempts of pressure and censorship from Google so, we have been in a particular situation because we were thinking, as Youtubers, whether or not we should reveal what happened. Those attempts of pressure, censorship and manipulation we experienced. Finally, we decided to do it. You might have heard about this matter on Facebook, in the newspaper, or on TV And, this experience, even if it wasn’t only positive, and created tons of undesirable things for a few days, taught me a lot, humanly speaking. If I had planned it as usual, I wouldn’t have done it and saying “Yes” to many things, I found myself in those kind of incredible, unpredictable situations where Laetitia, the “Osons causer” channel, and myself had, as little Youtubers, to “hack” Google and the European Commission. – A question really difficult to answer that talks about the companies lobbying you can’t turn against you those who believe in you unless you don’t want to last long on YouTube… I was wondering, giving to a man who was Minister of Finance for 18 years in the biggest European tax heaven the mission to fight tax evasion, isn’t it a bit like giving a bank robber a job as a police chief? This project made me travel a lot more than usual, In one month, I went to Barcelona, because I was invited to, I went to Brussels, in Austria, and also in Lyon for a conference in front of an audience, that I had to prepare. That’s it, I said what I wanted to, If you have some questions to ask me, don’t hesitate. I’m letting my colleague Raj take the floor, I forced him to be here with us, against his will, because Raj has this project, “YES MAN”: He has to say “Yes” to everything for a month. So, I said, Raj, do you want to go with me to Lyon, for a conference? And he said: “Yes” And there he is, Raj. I did many things like that, stepping outside of my comfort zone and I learned a lot. I went out very often, to a lot of parties, dinners… just because I was invited and had to say “yes”. Because of this, people invited me a lot, it was really tiring. At the end of the month, I had no energy left I was happy to rest I nearly suffered from burn-out, I think. And now, I am relieved: I can say “No” It’s hard to get used to it again, but I can do it. So, I went to a ton of events, parties and meals, And most of the time I didn’t wanted to. – We are going with Raj, determinated, in order to eat – I don’t want to go But i have to say “Yes” to everything – Is it a girl? Is it a date? He has a date, but he doesn’t want to go. It’s a pity… It forces you to say “no” to us, who count the most in your life, Raj. – The first “Yes” matters over all -That’s true I found out that, most of the time, when I didn’t want to go somewhere, but I had to because of my project, at the end, it was pretty enjoyable and I didn’t regret at all. It makes me think about that habit of saying “no” to many things because I expect that it wouldn’t be interesting. While actually, I can’t… I don’t know in advance, if it would be good or not. I can’t tell, and to figure out, I need to go. It makes me much more open to be part of events, to see people, even if I don’t have the feeling that it would be extraordinary. What I’ve learned, is that this “YES MAN” project, at least, I believe, that it is the best way to be happy and good with youself. I believe that if you say “Yes” to everything, you inevitably become a positive person. Of course, it could depend on your friends, your family etc… but the only way to figure out if you are in a cool social circle with kind, interesting people, is to test it. Everybody thinks: “It wouldn’t work with me because my friends would take advantage of me” And I thought that too. But you don’t know, unless you do it. Of course, everyone can say “you’re gonna say “yes”, i’m gonna take advantage of this, you’ll see, it will be crazy and you’ll regret it” But when they face the situation, when you no longer have your own will, and you give yourself to other people they won’t take advantage of that. They want to help you instead. And, the things I’ve done, like singing after 3 days of preparation while I was bad at it, like travelling, like letting someone uploading a video on my channel, without showing it to me… It was scary. If I hadn’t test it, if I didn’t do the project at 100%, because I had no limits, I said “Yes” to everything, without exception. The only thing I couldn’t accept was requests on the internet, on Twitter, Youtube comments, and mails, because it would be too much. The only limit was to ask me things in real life The only way for me to know that people were kind was to test it. I suggest you to do the project too, it was truely amazing The main point, the most interesting I think, is the key that makes us happy with this project is that when you say “yes” to everything, you don’t think at all. You don’t need to. You say “yes”, you do things, that’s it. Your brain is turned off for the whole day. You only focus on what you do, how to do it, with enthusiasm, and it’s done. It’s something I enjoyed doing, and I want to repeat the experience. Of course, if you work maybe you should change the rules For women, maybe you should set more limits… I don’t know. I decided to do it without limits to test the whole project, and to test the humanity. at least, my surroundings those I run into. To me, the idea is to simplify the concepts of personal development by doing a radical experience, in order to draw conclusions. I think that, thanks to experiences like this one, being sort of a guinea pig, for you, I learn things, and I learn fast. The idea is to say “yes” and to make a lot os mistakes by following simple rules and thus, I start to say “No” at the right moment and I learn to say “Yes” when it’s interesting and to seaze the opportunities. What’s crazy, is that, by saying “Yes” to other people, I definetly want to say “Yes” to myself to be more ambitious, a lot more adventurous, because, thanks to this approach, I know when to say “Yes”. I’m sure that the way we communicate and the way we interact with the world, are directly linked, and it impacts the way we behave with ourselves. If you want to say “Yes” to yourself, you need to say it to everyone else. That is my experience. If you want to see all the videos of my challenge, I will link the playlist there. If you want to see other challenges, you can follow my channel and subscribe. If you want other challenges like this one, about personal development, like living 30 days without internet and phone, And much more, you’ll see. Like and subscribe if you are interested. See you soon, and have a nice day. Bye! – You can ask him anything you want, he has to say “Yes”. – I don’t want to abuse. – Everybody is kind for this project.

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