Bell Flower Earrings : DIY

hi there it’s Steph actually in The
Bead Shop this time and today I’m going to show you how to make some really
sweet and spring earrings using the Bellflower beads which a Czech
glass and they just really lend themselves to little clusters so here
are the earrings slightly close-up and so you can see that they’re all the
little Bellflower beads are all nicely clustered together which when the
hanging from an earring actually creates a really nice effect now I always like
to be quite prepared particularly when I’m doing something that requires a
specific amount of beads and head pins it can be quite well-prepared
so I’ve got em 15 and Bellflower beads for each earring and then I’ve already
got my 15 head pins ready and we’re going to be using just plain simple
loops to create them all but first we need to actually thread all the beads
onto the head pins so rather than actually picking up one bead making a
loop cutting off the excess and putting that to one side I tend to thread all of
my beads first so I’m gonna speed this up because otherwise would be here
forever so once we’ve got all of these threaded
up if only I could do it this quick in real life it would save a lot of time so
there’s our 15 beads already so the next thing to do is to actually make our
plain loops in each head pin I’m going to use professional round nose pliers to
make my loop and they make nice neat small loops which you need for this
project so I’m holding my bead at the bottom and then I’m just going to grip
quite close to the end of my pliers leaving about a one millimeter gap above
the bead and the first step holding onto your bead is to push about 45 degrees
away from you so you can see that there and then the next step is to push the
long piece of wire over the top of the pliers towards you so it’s pointing
downwards and that’s creating the top of the loop and just reposition your pliers
so you grip in the top and then you can push the last little bit backwards now
we have our loop and now I need to do this in every
single one so it’s just obviously sped up it’s quite quick But you can slow
this down re-watch making a loop as many times as you need to I’m also going to
put a link underneath the video which will take you to our really useful
how-to leaflet which has individual diagrams as to have all the different
steps for making a loop I know everyone has their own way but I find this the
most effective way of making loops there we go so that’s almost 15 loops made
there we go brilliant so now obviously when you cut off all the excess wire so
now the trick is here to cut just inside the loop everyone always thinks that
you’re going to cut the rest of the loop off every time I teach a workshop
everyone’s always scared of this part so you want to get your cutters right
inside the loop give it a good squeeze and there you have a nice loop without
any excess overlapping which is what you want really I’m using flush cutters
because they do tend to get that bit closer than hobby cutters and again it’s
personal preference you might have your favorite pair of cutters at home which
you’d like to use that’s absolutely fine and but I since first using flush
cutters I’ve never gone back to anything else
okay so again speeding this bit up so gonna just chop off all the excess bits
of wire so now we have 15 individual little
drops now the only problem with creating a loop like this and then cutting off
the excess wire you always end up with the loop at a slight angle and a tiny
gap so all we do to correct that is use chain nose pliers pinching over the top
sometimes they’re a bit bent like that as well so you can just tweak them ever
so slightly make sure the gaps nice and close cuz I
don’t want any beads dropping off later so it’s usually just a tiny little tweak
just pushing it so that the wire meets nicely and neatly in the middle so I can
do that to every single one something you might find don’t me very much work
at all this might just need a little bit of a wiggle I mean okay so now we’ve
come to the actual Assembly of the earring now I’ve put my beads together
in small groups there there’s one single bead at the bottom and I’m adding a four
millimeter jump ring that’s about so that’s going on there that’s just
getting closed and that’s now ready to hang right at the bottom to all the
cluster comes to a slight point at the bottom so it’s going to pop that to one
side for now and then I’m going to open up a slightly bigger jump ring I’m using
a 5 millimeter jump ring for the next bit so I tend to use two pairs of chain
nose pliers I find it’s a bit easier they don’t tend to mark the jump rings
when you’re opening them as well and then I’m putting two bell flowers on
there just straight onto the jump ring there and then I’m going to pop the four
millimeter jump ring that’s attached to the first bead on there so that’s going
to sit in the center and then I’m also going to put two more bail flowers on
there and I need to close that so it’s always worth taking little bit of time
to make sure your jump rings are really nice and flush so often takes a little
bit of a wiggle back and forth to get them really nice and neat it’s important
at this point that you when you pop your this first section down the jump the
beads don’t jump around so you want it to be sat with two on either side which
they are at the moment and I’ve got a second five millimeter jump ring
here and this one’s gonna be a bit tricky because we’re going to be fitting
quite a lot into this one jump ring so you might need to reposition where
you’re holding the jump ring and also a good trick here is to not open it too
far if you open it really far you might find that things are sliding off while
you’re trying to close and add more things in so I haven’t got a very big
gap and but it is plenty big enough to be able to slide everything on so I’ve
got five bell flowers on there I’m just repositioning appliers there and then
I’m sliding on the five millimeter jump ring from the first little bundle and
then I’m going to put on five more individual flowers so this is where you
need to concentration no heavy breathing no cats around so slide all those on
there if you grip with your dominant hand really close to the top of the jump
ring you should be able to get everything on there without having to
reposition and then you just need to get your pliers in there and close it and
then at this point I realized oh I haven’t added in my head my fish hook so
I just reopened them slightly again so you might as well pop the fish hook in
at the same time because you know then it’s gonna be exactly in the middle you
could always add it afterwards but then there’s the chance of some of the beads
jumping around over the top jump ring so there we have it the finished earring so
the assembly is actually quite simple and I felt and having the beads set out
in a single bead two pairs and then two lots of five just meant it easy to know
how many you’re putting on at each stage and then obviously you repeat the whole
thing again to make your second earring you’ll find a full list for the
materials used to make the earrings below and feel free to share your mates
with us on our various social media platforms and we always love to see what
you’re making thank you and I hope you’ve enjoyed the video

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