Beebeecraft Earring tutorial

hi everybody today’s video is sponsored
by BB crestcom BB crafts calm is an online jewelry craft supply store and in
today’s video I’m going to be showing you a tutorial using products that you
might have seen in my last video of BB crafts unboxing and product review and
in this video the tutorial I will be doing a pair of earrings and earlier
earrings using one of the set of the chandelier earrings from BB crafts calm
and these are these particular ones are the dreamcatcher earrings also using the
gemstones from BB crafts and the leaf charms as well so what I’m using in this
video today from this 90 piece set that I had gotten and I went over in the
product review the unboxing and product review video and the chandelier kit it’s
a 90 piece set it comes in a nice case like this and the other items I used for
this and then at the gemstones and I use the amethyst ones as you can see it
comes in different colors of gemstones and they are sectioned off in little
sections and they open individual like so I also use the seed beads and it came
in a jar like this I have the little because I put some in here but these are
glass seed beads that I also got from BB crestcom and the jump rings are optional
but I got this set it’s also a nice hard carrying case with different sections
for different sizes and they open individually as well another thing I got from BB Chris a calm
that are used in this project are the silver leaf charms also in the
description box below this video there will be links to the BB crafts calm
website as well as the links to all the products that I’m using in this
particular craft tutorial okay the other items that I’m using here are wire now I
had to use 20 gauge I got this wire from BB crafts calm it was a 10 piece set of
multicolored wire but it was 18 gauge I’ll insert the picture here just so you
can see it and even though I didn’t use this
because it was 18-gauge and the gemstones holes are very tiny so I had
to use a finer gauge of wire so I had to use what I had which is a 20 gauge so
keep in mind when you’re ordering wire to get certain gauges because these
gemstones have very very fine tiny hole seed beads from the seed bead
from the glass seed beads that I got from DB crafts you’re gonna also need
some jewelry tools now these are mine that I had these aren’t from BB crass
but this is just a cheap set what you’re gonna need is a cutter around nose and a
flat nose for this particular project so I’m going to bring this closer so you
can get a good look okay so what I did on this particular project was I used
some wire and I added some of the seed beads and some more of the the gemstones
and then I added also the fish hooks and I also added the charms at the bottom
now you can use jump rings that’s an option but what I did was I simply
effects the wire and made a loop and put them in there and I’m going to show you
how to do this in this step-by-step tutorial by making another pair but
using a different color gemstone it’s the same earring but using different
colors so let’s get started with the tutorial okay so the first thing I’m
doing is taking out a pair of the chandelier earrings
dreamcatcher ones and as you see they have one hook for the fish hook for the
earring that goes in your ear and three loop hooks on the bottom in this
particular one but you’re going to need to do is you get these out get your
charms ready because if you want to hang Leafs out like the other ones on the
now I’m going to do a little bit different now I’ve gone ahead and got
the particular materials I will need for this project it’s going to be similar to
the purple amethyst gemstone one but just slightly different because I don’t
have the same amount of leaves I don’t have any I only have one more of the
little ones so what you’re going to do now you can attach the fishhook first
now you could just have this without any beads but I like the way that looks so
what you’re going to take is a piece of wire and your round nose pliers and
you’re gonna take your wire and then you’re going to make a little hook at
the end a loop and we all you just simply go like that and turn and turn
and you want to make it big enough so that you can fit it through over here
now you can wait before you hook it up or you can go ahead and do it and work
from there I’m just gonna leave that like that so that the beads don’t fall
through and I’ll open it up later so go ahead make your bead straighten your
make your loop at the end you could straighten it out a little like that or
you can buy one of those eye pins that are already look like this and then trim
them to your liking now I don’t want this terribly long so what I’m gonna do
is just put a seed bead a gemstone and a seed bead so now I’m using the turquoise
gemstones and the holes on this are a little larger like I said you might be
able to use an 18 gauge with some of these gemstones but it’s good to have a
20 gauge next to you as well so have you know either one and I’m going to be
using the silver color for today so let’s go ahead and get started
so now I’m going to look for a seed bead that I want I probably might use white
because I already have the blue if you want to
add it a pop of color you can add red or even yellow and that’s what it would
look like and then I’m gonna put another really tiny piece of the gemstone and
fit it through so that’s what you’re gonna get and now you top it off with
another seed bead so I’m gonna pick through my seed beads making sure I get
the blue color so make sure you have good lighting my light isn’t that great
right now until I get better lighting so that’s what it’s gonna look like okay
now what you want to do is see your ratio here between hooking you making a
hook now you could use jump rings right here make a hook with the wire put a
jump ring and then attach it but that’ll just make it longer so I’m just gonna go
ahead and cut it take my cutter pliers and just leave a little room right here
to make my loop so I can hook it gonna look like alright now I’m going to cut
it not too I have to leave some room to make another hook a loop so we’re going
to take our cutter pliers it’s really hard except the camera beside me not in
front of me so see just enough room to hook it anyway alright so it’ll look
something like this okay and you’re gonna have a little itty bit over there
snake and take your round nose pliers and you’re going to make a loop and then now you could either at this point add
your fish hook but what you want to do is you want to make sure that it’s
turned this way the opposite way because your fish hook is going to go that way
in your ear leave a little room and then maybe now you can open your earring
piece or you can just take this opportunity to
it in there and then go ahead and close that make sure you see beads out of the
way this will be a little difficult because it’s gonna be you’re working
with a smaller section here and then it’ll look something like this okay now
before we attach it let’s do the next one I went ahead and did that again and
I want it to be the same length so I’m going to cut again right above this part
make my loop and then hook my fishhook to it okay so I’m gonna go ahead and do
that and I’ll be right back okay so I’ve gone ahead and attached the top pieces
to that with the other hook on the bottom and see how they’re the same
length okay so now after you did this piece the next thing is you’re going to
want to see how your middle your middle one is going to be positioned okay
so now this leaf will be different than these cuz I have different sizes and
stuff here different sizes shapes these are good size they’re about a good three
inches from top to bottom and you want to make sure you’re looking at the back
the back has a vein if you get this particular set of charms okay and the
link will be below this video in the description box for this and all these
products that I’m using okay so now what you want to do is you want to make sure
okay that you’ve got them both facing forward and kind of see how you want
them to hang whether you want a really long pair or not because you can just do
the leaf like that and then beads on the side or one bead and then or one
gemstone and then your other ones so I think I’m just gonna do a really tiny
piece so you’re gonna get a piece of wire
straighten it out and kind of cut it in the middle we’re not gonna use the whole
piece but at least we’ll have it so we’re going to go do that and then when
you have it all set and ready let’s go ahead and go pick out a gem so now I
want a decent sized gemstone I don’t need it to be too big but I want it to
be noticeable and I want to pick out two that look similar for each one so I
found something I found two that looks similar a hook two seed beads in a
gemstone in the middle I made a hook I put a seed bead then one piece of
gemstone then another seed bead and I’m gonna use a jump ring so the belief
dangles more like I said this optional you could just hook it on the hook but
I’m going to use a jump ring now your seed beads might fall but you could fix
that now I’m going to attach the leaf to the jump ring so I added a jump ring to
this to make it more dangly because if you did just the hook like I did on
these they may or may not dangle you know like go back and forth like the way
you’d like it – it depends as your preference I decided for this particular
because it’s a heavier one and then you it’s gonna swing more I decide to use a
smaller jump ring now it’s really important that when you get to this step
you look at where the length will be so you know where to cut it okay and you’re
gonna repeat that for this one so I don’t want it to be too long so I’m
gonna cut it about here see so that I can have a enough to make
a hook and there now what I’m gonna do is make sure that it’s facing the proper
way and I’m going to use my round nose pliers and I’m going to make another
hook because it’s gonna loop and it’s gonna go into my earrings grab the
earrings put it through the center loop okay put it through the center loop go
to the back take your round nose pliers and make sure you close it and close it
good because the thinner the gauge wire the more its delicate and then you want
to give it like a tiny little crimp in the bottom so it’s totally closed and
that’s it okay so now that you I’ve gone ahead and attached this to my earrings
I want you to be able to see just play now when I go to close it gets blurry
and I don’t want to make that mistake so I hope you get in a good view so what
you’re gonna do is you’re gonna make a hook at the end of the wire you’re going
to get a jump ring and attach it to the leap charm of your choice and then to
the bottom now we’re going to do repeat the process with the beads all right now
I’m gonna do the same thing I’m gonna hold it up to here to make sure that I’m
going to have the same length make your loop okay don’t close it make sure
you’re getting the front of your earrings put it through the middle one
all right and then go ahead and give it a good closing so make sure they’re the
same length and everything is good and tight before you proceed to the next
steps so I wanted to about the middle of the leaf this is an eye a head pin or
you could do that with your wire so you take the head pin and just if you want to use an end piece
like that or a round piece or a bead cap you can do that I’m gonna hold it up
because see that’s where I want it so I’m gonna take it and I’m gonna trim it
to about there because I do have to get it and make a hook and then you’re gonna
take your round nose pliers and you’re going to start to make a hook as close
to the tip as possible and then kind of curve it inwards
now this part’s got to go through the chain so you don’t want to close it yet
and like I said my eyesight isn’t the best so these chains or holes are really
fine so then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take the end of this hook
and you want to put the chain through it and now you want to close that and make
sure it’s secure just take your round nose pliers and go
ahead and secure those and I’m gonna go ahead and do that and I’ll be right back
okay so I’ve gone ahead and attached my chain to the wire with the beads so see
now if you’re happy with the way that’s sitting you’re going to repeat the
process for the other side and for the other two earrings just by simply easy
either using your wire and making a closed-end or using a head pin which
already has a closed end and then making a hook you can see and then putting it
through the wire so now I’m gonna go ahead and repeat that process for you by
taking another head pin and like I said if you don’t have a head pin go ahead
and use the wire like I showed you make the little tiny loop and hook and then
smash it down a little so it’s not even there but you could leave a hook and
then leave something dangle off of it that’s totally up to you but this is a
head pin I’m gonna go ahead and finish this
and I’ll be right back to show you the end result and see if I’m happy with
that so once you’ve attached both sides and
you’ve seen that you’ve lift that up a little higher and you’ve seen that
they’re at the same exact length it’s gonna take a little messing with you
want to probably cut your head pins or your wire at the same time and make the
same size loop so when you attach them so you want them to hang at the same
Lane okay and you want the other pair to be the same way so make sure you keep
checking that’s if you’re happy with it when you’re finished it and finish this
and like I said it’s good to have a variety of different ideas for the same
earring so even though they’re the same earring piece they’re not the same look
so these are the two together the amethyst one and like I said for this
pair usually you’re using the same process except you need a hook at the
end and you can either your preference whether you want to just make a hook and
loop the leap or make a hook and use a jump ring other than that it’s really
simple it’s really easy and it’s really fast okay I’ve gone and finished them
for you and I had to make sure that they were attached just right so they would
be the same length let me zoom in and there you go the hardest part of the
whole project is basically making sure everything sits the same way in the same
length so that’s it I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and don’t forget to look
under the video in the description box for the link to the bee bee crafts the
bee bee crafts website as well as all the links to all the products that I use
from BB crafts in this tutorial thanks for watching and don’t forget to hit
that bell so you get future notifications of my upcoming videos with
more tutorials using products from BB crestcom as well as my other
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video you

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