Beading 101 – Bead Stringing Basics Necklace Tutorial

Hello and welcome to another jewelry making
video brought to you by Today we’re going to look at some more basics,
this time were going to look at the basics of simply stringing beads on bead wire, you
can use just that simple technique to make yourself some lovely jewelry. To make this necklace you will need a strand
of assorted beads in colours of your choice, it’s nice to buy these strands already pre-sorted,
also a couple strands of crystal beads in two different sizes, these are about four
millimeter, these are around six millimeter, you’ll need some bead stringing wire, chain-nose
pliers, crimping pliers and wire cutters. You’ll also need findings, all of ours are sterling
silver. These are some round corrugated spacer beads, a lobster clasp, 2×3 millimeter crimping
tubes, and some solid fused jump rings. You’ll also find one of these beads design boards
very helpful in making stringing designs. And what you can do, I have already cut this
wire off, you can lay out your strand of beads in one of the channels and then just pull
out the wire, and now they are all in place. To design this I’ve decided I’m going to make
a necklace of two strands, and I’ve pulled out these four purple crystals for the second
strand and then it’s just a matter of filling in. I’m going to start with some of these
larger crystals and I’ll put one on either side, and then just continue filling in with
the large crystals, the smaller ones, and with the silver. So I sped up the design process
here so as not to bore you to death. What I’m basically doing is adding the same bead
to either side of my main focal beads.So each of the main focal beads will have
a silver bead on either side or one of the large crystals, or one of the small crystals.
I’m not overly concerned with symmetry, but I just thought I would make that much symmetry and
then I’m filling in, in-between them with a larger crystal and then smaller ones on either
side, again not 100% symmetrical, just filling it in and trying to make a pleasing and balanced
arrangement. One thing I realized is that I run out of beads and didn’t have enough
to make the length so you’ll see me in a minute here, bring in these glass beads and these
are just leftovers from strands of beads, they’re spacers and so I use them to fill
in between my crystals and give me the length needed for the necklace. So this all took about
10-15 minutes. So really as you can see here the work in stringing isn’t really the stringing,
you’ll see in a minute the stringing is very simple. The work is in the designing, in planning out
your layout. So once you have it all planned then it is time to cut yourself a piece of
bead stringing wire and go ahead and start stringing your beads. And the best way to
do it is to leave it on the spool as you string. However, another tool that is wonderfully
handy are these, these are called bead bugs and they’re just little springs with handles
and what that will do is clamp on to the end of your wire. So if you have a spare length
of wire that you’re using, or you just want to cut the piece, you can just clamp that on
and it is a bead stopper. But whenever possible I like to work on the spool of wire. So I’m
going to go ahead and string these two strands and my board isn’t long enough but I’ll make
this one long enough to just be a little bit shorter than this outer one, and the measurements
are wonderfully helpful because they show you that this necklace is going to be about
twenty nine inches long. It’s not exact because these beads aren’t lying the way they will
be in the necklace, but it gives you the idea. So you just use your piece of wire like a
piece of thread and start putting your beads on. So once you’ve finished stringing and you’re
satisfied with the length and notice that the length of this is actually quite a bit
less once the beads are all condensed on the string. Once you’re satisfied with your arrangement
and the length, go ahead and cut off the wire leaving a few extra inches on each end and
then clamp each end or secure it somehow, and repeat with your second strand. So once all
of your strands are strung, it’s time to finish them up with some crimp tubes. This is the
way we finish the wire ends of stringing wire. So take your bead bug off one end and string
on a crimp tube, and then string on one of these soldered jump rings. Put the end back
though the crimp tube, and then pull it up. You want the jump ring to be able to move freely
but you want as little as possible showing, You want both of these wires to be lying flat,
not crossed over each other inside the crimp tube, then take your crimping pliers, you’ll
notice there’s a round shape and a U-shape. Start with the round shape, wrap around the
tube and give it a squeeze. I like to (oomph) and then switch to the U-shape, and give it another
squeeze, and then give a tug on your jump ring, it shouldn’t come loose. If it does you’ll
have to start over, if it doesn’t, go ahead and trim off that little bit of wire, nice
and close so nothing remains to scratch the skin and then repeat on this end attaching
the second strand to the same jump ring and another jump ring on the other end. So here
they are, all strung. The final step is to use your wire cutters
to cut a split in one of the jump rings so that you can open it and use it to attach
your lobster clasp to one of the other jump rings. Right through there, and through there, and close it up and you’re all done. Here is another look at the project that we made today. By the way, if you’d like to add
some length to it, feel free to add a small piece of chain to the end without the lobster
clasp, add some chunky chain, and then you’ll be able to make it, not only longer, but adjustable
to whatever length you like. I hope you’ve enjoyed this project, and that
you’ll give it a try. Thank you so much for watching Keepsake Crafts’
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videos that you might enjoy. Thanks again for watching, have a good one.
Bye bye.

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