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Beaded Necklace beadwork – Kolye Yapımı ( Ay Taşı Kolye )

Beaded Necklace  beadwork  –  Kolye Yapımı ( Ay Taşı Kolye )

Hi all my friends I’m ilknur Dökmez. Jewelry Design Schmuckdesigns und Herstellung Welcome to my YouTube channel. I’m gonna make a nice necklace with you this day. A beautiful and easy necklace. A necklace I made with such natural stones. I’m gonna use natural stones this day. But a little different. The natural stones I use are 4 mm and 6 mm. This day, but I will do with the moonstone (natural stone). I’m going to use a 6 mm moonstone and I’ll use a 4 mm crystal. The number 0/11 needs beads of smooth cut sand. I will use the Beadalon brand’s WildFire rope in terms of robustness. But of course you can use the beads in two. Needle needed. Of course we need such tools. Scissors required. In whatever style you like You can use that way off. Ring needed. Yes, we can start making our necklace now. I’ve got my needle. I have 12 sand beads (I bought) I’m bringing it to the end of my rope. I’m passing through. And I’m knitting 2 times. As you can see in our model, we have to get to this point, to the top. I’m passing through empty. I passed six sand beads. At this point, I get 5 sand beads, I get 6 mm of natural stone and 3 of them have sand beads. I bought 5 sand beads, 1 natural stone 6 mm and 3 sand beads. I’m downloading Now so that I can get out of the natural stone again in this way. That’s how it happened. Now we’re here straight. I get 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 sand beads, and this is how I go up from the point where we first started. I got five sand beads, and I’m going up from the first point. We did our first leg. We did our first leg. Now we’re here in this way, I get 6 sand beads and the first thing we do is go down the leg. I bought 6 sand beads here, 1, 2, 3, we count down from 3 to 3, we’ll count down to 3 from the right. I bought a 4 mm crystal and I get sand beads in three. Now that we leave 3 above, that is, this is 3, so that the remaining 3, so we enter the number below. We always have to pay attention to something there will always be 3 sand beads on these tops. Let’s pay attention to these 3 sand beads. Now we’re in this part of our model. It’s on the upper side, so we’re on the upper side, Now 3 towards the right side of this number 3 3 when we take 6 sand beads and here we will enter through the sand bead down. I got six sand beads. I’m getting down right here. In this way . Now we’re here in our model, so here it is. We need to count down here right here. We will take 2 sand beads, we will take 6 mm natural stone, we will get 3 beads of sand and we will rise up again from our natural stone. I got 2 sand beads and 1 sandstone and 3 sand beads, and again we go through the natural stone, to make a small flower underneath. In this way We’re here now, Now we’re going to do this top side, we’re going to get this first bead up, leaving three on the top. I got 5 sand beads and from there There will always be three sand beads on the upper side. Don’t be surprised, because your neck measurement may cause curvature, This way, we can continue our model in this way we can look at it in a comfortable way. Let’s look at our model again. We’re here, so this leg is on top. We need to get 6 sand beads. I’m going to get three sand beads and I’m going to get 3. 2. We created the leg. We’re here now, I’m getting 1 crystal and 3 sand beads. Here we go in this way, leaving 3 sand beads on 3 tops. Now I’m counting how many beads, I’m gonna get six sand beads and I’m going in here. I bought 6 sand beads And I’m going to the last place. Now we are in this section, we get 2 sand beads 1 natural stone and 3 sand beads. We’re here now, we’re getting five sand beads, and we’re going up here. We’re entering here. 2 sand beads 1 natural stone and 3 sand beads, I go back up through the natural stone. I got 5 sand beads I got six sand beads. Yeah, I’m done with my necklace. I’ll show you the last time you finish. I got 12 sand beads. The rope is out of here I’m going back and turning around I’m knitting anywhere. Then I cut the rope. I’m wearing the parrot lock. You can use the desired lock (shutdown). It’s up to you. Yes, our moonstone necklace is very elegant. Our turquoise necklace. I used 35 6 mm natural stones. You can do according to your own neck size. Yeah, we’ve come to the end of a video. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can like and share my videos. See you again in another video Stay bold with love.

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