Beaded Jewelry Projects : Tips for Designing Beaded Necklaces

Next we are going to talk about is, I am going
to do a necklace and I am going to make a turquoise necklace since I have lots of turquoise
here to choose from. I am going to use a toggle clasp which has a circle and it also has an
end piece here with a chain. So I am going to put this at the mark at eight so we can
do a sixteen inch length necklace. This is the type of bead I am going to use. It?s called
a flat disk. There is also this type but I am going to use this one today and drape it
on here so we know exactly if it?s going to be sixteen inches. And most manufacturers
when you buy your beads, they come in sixteen inch length. Now because this is such a simple
design here I thought maybe a little centerpiece would be nice. So I was going through my large
beads here and I was looking to see which one would match up nicely. This one looks
a little too blue here. Let?s see what would look nice with the necklace and I think this
one would look nice as a centerpiece. That would look really good. And what we will do
is we will make a little bead go onto the end of this piece here to make it look like
a little nice centerpiece. There is the beads. We will put it on the end here so that it
will be a nice centerpiece for your necklace and this will be our design. That will be
the beginning of it.

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