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Beaded Jewelry Basics : Attaching a Clasp to Tigertail Bracelet

Beaded Jewelry Basics : Attaching a Clasp to Tigertail Bracelet

OK, now that the necklace is almost complete,
this is what it looks like, and I went ahead and put about ten purple beads and three gray
beads, to separate them as a pattern, and you want it equal on both sides if you’re
doing this pattern. I also put a piece of tape on one end, so that the beads don’t fall
off while I’m putting a clasp on the other end. Next thing you do is put your crimp bead
on like that, and then take one side of your clasp, and put that on. Take the wire, fold
it over about a half inch, slide the crimp bead over both wires, so that it creates a
loop on the end, like that. Keep it a little loose so that your it’s not stiff. Then you
take your pliers, and you squish the bead. Make check it and make sure it’s tight, and
it’s not moving around. Slide the beads over the excess wire, and then you pull all this;
all the beads all the way down; make sure there’s no space in between. You don’t want
the wire to show on this necklace. Then you get the other crimp bead, and do the same
thing on the other side. Loop it around, and what I do is I put it through the crimp bead,
then through a couple of other beads down here; one or two, however many. This is the
hard part; you want to pull it tight so the wire doesn’t show, just like that, and then
crimp it one more time on the other end. Check it, and then you can cut off the excess wire,
because you don’t want that to poke you in the neck. Voila`, this is a small version
of this necklace, charm necklace, but you can make them as long as you want. This is
a very long one, and also you can just put one big bead in the middle if you want that
for the centerpiece. And that’s how you make a Tigertail necklace.

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