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Asscher Cut Diamond Size Comparison on Hand Finger Engagement Ring Shape 75 Carat 2 ct 1 3 4 1 5

Asscher Cut Diamond Size Comparison on Hand Finger Engagement Ring Shape  75 Carat 2 ct 1 3 4 1 5

in this video we will do a side-by-side
asscher-cut diamond size comparison on the finger or hand as well as give you
different price comparisons at each cut size all along giving you different tips
and tricks to help you save on diamond shopping each asscher-cut size in this
video is compared to this one carat diamond on a hand with a size 6 finger
this one carat diamond at Kay Jewelers like most brick-and-mortar jewelry
stores is about six thousand six hundred dollars now also on this video we take
those diamonds and compare them to the exact same quality diamond from a
website I will put in the description below this video this 1 carat is $3,100
this is a point 3 3 or one third carat asscher engagement ring on the hand and you
can barely even tell it’s an Asscher shape at this point another name for asscher diamonds are square emerald diamonds because the type of cut is like
an emerald diamond this point 5 or 1/2 carat asscher diamond is a more common
size of a square emerald diamond now one of the upsides of asscher shaped diamonds
is that they are generally less expensive than equal carats of round cut
diamonds that is because round cut does Sparkle a lot more than asscher-cut
diamonds you’d save over 2100 $90 buying the diamond from my link below next is a
point 6 6 or 2/3 carat a sure engagement ring Asscher diamonds are a more glacier
like version of a cushion cut diamond the difference is cushion cut diamonds
have more sparkle or scintillation than square emerald diamonds here you would
save 3420 dollars on this diamond from the link in the description box below
this is a point 8 care a sure shaped diamond on the finger the nature of asscher shape is that the facets or flat areas are larger and therefore any
inclusion or defect is a lot more noticeable than on other shapes of
diamonds round diamonds tend to hide these blemishes a lot better than other
cuts and because they’re so big on Asscher cuts they are very transparent
which tends to accentuate unsightly inclusions and therefore clarity grade
is especially important for asscher-cut diamonds in fact I don’t recommend going
below a VS and clarity grade when buying a square
emerald diamond color changes are also more noticeable in square emerald
diamonds because scintillation is diminished in Asscher diamonds you are
more likely to notice color differences therefore I would just stay in the
colorless range of diamonds if possible colorless diamonds are shades de and F
grades next we jump to a 1.75 carat Asscher diamond on the finger the big issue
with special cuts like this is they don’t get official cut grades like round
diamonds this is a 2.5 carat asscher-cut diamond on the finger you’d save over
16,000 dollars buying this diamond from the link below over brick-and-mortar
jewelry stores cut grade is important to know for two reasons it tells you the
most about how much the diamond sparkles and if the diamond looks as big as the
carat suggests watch my other videos for more on this if you don’t have an
excellent cut grade that is bad because diamond companies can play with the cut
angles so the diamond isn’t as big as the diamond suggests on the lab
certificate which also negatively affects how much the diamond sparkles
all breaking order jewelry stores sell you diamonds at an inflated rate it
costs money to pay for their rent and their salespeople which all inflate the
cost of your diamond my biggest tip when buying a diamond is to have your
significant other go diamond shopping at the mall with you or her best friend
then make note of the diamond specs that she chose after come back and buy the
exact same quality diamond from the link below this video and you’ll save a ton
of money or you can spend the same amount of money that you would have
spent at the other diamond store and getting even bigger diamond that will
definitely impress her then just buy a similar and less expensive band from the
website I have linked to below so in the comments I will answer any of your
personal questions about diamonds you are thinking about buying or doubts you
have about what you should do when buying a diamond if you’re looking to
buy a diamond or even if you switch to another device come back and buy the
diamond by clicking on that link because it will help you out and I’m all about
helping people buy diamonds also subscribe to my channel or my wife’s
makeup channel like this video if it helped you out

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