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Artbeads Quick Tutorial – Make Bead Cap Earrings with Becky Nunn of Nunn Design

Artbeads Quick Tutorial – Make Bead Cap Earrings with Becky Nunn of Nunn Design

BECKY: Hi, I’m Becky Nunn and I’m here
as a guest designer with Cynthia at I’m going to do a little Mini-Tutorial that’s
going to show you how you can use the different bead caps, some of them from the new collection
and some of them that are old ones that you had on your site. I’m going to show you how you can make some
really fun projects. First of all, we’re going to show you the
project. It’s this one right here. Cynthia, these are using some of the new bead
caps that we have just released, these guys right here. And these up here were some of the ones that
you already had in your product line, so I went online and built out this really fun
project for us to do. I’m going to make one and you’re going
to make one. But let’s talk a little bit about these
just a little bit. You can see that you can do all kinds of fun
combinations. Not only just for earrings, but you can make
charm bracelets or very simple little pendants for beads. They’re just so much fun. CYNTHIA: That’s adorable. BECKY: Just taking a lot of these same elements
that we’re going to be working with on this project, but just stacking them different,
doing different color combinations, different bead combinations. And all of these are the beads that you guys
have on the website. These are super fun. Check these out. Loved that. These are some of the beads that I found on
the site, and they just looked so great with that copper and gold combination. And also mixing in the little faceted beads,
which just make for a really elegant, fun, funky – all the above. CYNTHIA: They have a lot of personality, for
sure. It’s like you see something in those earrings. It’s not just a pair of earrings. You see – I don’t know. It’s fun. BECKY: It is, and they’re really, really
fun to make. Here’s a very elegant style with just a
larger size single pearl with a little ear wire and another little bead. All of the same components, totally different
looks. So they have a great personality, but also
it can be the individual’s personality that shines through on it. CYNTHIA: Right, yes. BECKY: What I loved about playing with this
collection is that you can do all kinds of things where you take the bead caps and you
turn them upside down or you turn them – I haven’t tried sideways yet, but that could
be fun. But you can stack them together. This is the same bead cap, but it’s turned
upside down. Anyway, that’s what we’re going to talk
about as far as the collection goes, and then let’s go ahead and start making this simple
little project. So this is the project that we’re going
to be making together. The first step is we’re going to go ahead
and clear our space. We have a nice clean surface to work with. We are going to need – I think we’re just
going to need one pair – no, we’ll need two pairs of needle-nose pliers for opening
and closing our jump rings and a pair of flush cutters for cutting our wire. So you’re seeing one set; she’s got one
set. This will make a pair. We’ll have our example right there. You’ll need the little eye pin, a little
head pin, a couple varieties of bead caps, a jump ring, a couple of these little beads,
and these larger size ones. The first step we’re going to do is we’re
going to make this part that dangles down inside. Isn’t that fun? CYNTHIA: That’s so cute. BECKY: We’re going to add this little bead
onto this piece inside of here. One of the things that I’ve found that you
can explore with is I have the eye pin inside of there, and I added this little jump ring
to bring the bead down farther, so it can be slightly seen and also that’s where you
get that sound that’s occurring inside of there. So what we’re going to want to do is start
with using your needle-nose pliers, and we’re going to open up the large jump ring. I know that you have tons of videos on this,
but holding at 3:00 and 9:00 and then a ballet-like move opening that up. Then we’re going to thread on the eye pin,
right onto the end of that. CYNTHIA: And you want to close it right away? BECKY: Let’s go ahead and close it. You could also have done this next step that
we’re going to do, too, and add it on right then. But the next step we’re going to do is we’re
going to make this little bead at the bottom of that. So using your head pin, you’re going to take
one of the petal leaf bead caps and thread that on, and then you’re going to take that
large… CYNTHIA: The large one there. BECKY: Yeah, that large bead. And then, do you know how to make a little
loop, cutting off this and making a little loop? I’m going to go ahead and cut. I do about a quarter of an inch off, and then
you just trim that. I’m holding that before I cut it so that
doesn’t shoot across the room and hit Cortney over there, who’s videoing this. Also, I forgot I need my glasses. So then you go ahead and make a loop, and
you can use round nose needle-nose pliers, you can use flat. But what I do is I just start at the top and
I just slowly start to curve that wire and then just keep on going back to where that
curve has started, and you just keep on looping it all the way around. Do you do it a different way? CYNTHIA: A little. I found out that everyone has a different
way to do their loop. There is no one way to do it, actually. BECKY: Right. When I get back to the edge right here, I
just tuck it in nicely. You can also go back in and adjust it slightly
on this side to make it a nice round loop. So I’m going to open that up slightly again
because I’m going to thread on that little jump ring that we had before. I have to open it up a little bit more. So if we had made this piece before, we would’ve
just added it on when that jump ring was open. All right, so then you close up that, and
now we have that piece dangling down. That will be the inside of that piece. Then with these larger size bead caps, we’re
going to take those and we’re going to stack them on top of each other so they’re overlapped,
like we’re seeing here. CYNTHIA: And you push on that. BECKY: You push them up inside of there. You can also do fun things with this. You can stack them in different ways, you
can do different color combinations. And then you’re going to just thread that
bead up inside of there. CYNTHIA: That’s so cute. BECKY: Isn’t that cute? Then the next steps, as we see in our sample,
we’re going to stack up this bead cap, turn that one upside down, and then stack two little
beads on the inside. CYNTHIA: So a medium? BECKY: A medium size one, and then this guy
is upside down, and then one bead. Do I have one piece? CYNTHIA: Yes, that’s mine. BECKY: She was being too polite. She didn’t want to point out, “Uh, ’scuse
me?” Then we’re going to turn that bead cap upside
down too, and thread him on – or her. And then that one. And now we have – we’re done up to there. CYNTHIA: It looks great also as a pendant. BECKY: That’s right. CYNTHIA: Love it. BECKY: They do, they look super cool. And I’ve actually made this one with it
on a bracelet too. CYNTHIA: Oh, really? BECKY: It’s just a really fun look. Then the same as we did with this piece down
here, we’re going to have a quarter of an inch, and we’re going to use our flush cutters
and we’re going to create another loop right on the top here. CYNTHIA: I’m going to show you how I make
my simple loop. Thank you. I cut my wire here and I bend my wire 90 degrees,
and then I grab also my wire close to the tool and I just go – and you see how I put
my thumb there? Because I like to put pressure. So I push on my thumb and I turn at the same
time. BECKY: That is cool. CYNTHIA: Isn’t that? And then I go around like that. BECKY: So if you have too much, can you go
in with a pair of flush cutters and cut that away and then continue to wrap it up? CYNTHIA: You could, you could. But after a while you kind of figure out where
you put your wire. If you want a small loop, you put it here;
if you want a bigger loop, you put it here. This is the way that I learned a long time
ago, and I keep – that’s the only way that I know how to do it. BECKY: The thing is, it’s all about practice. Even when you get really familiar with doing
it a certain way – I really want to try it that way, because I can see how that would
be really helpful in so many other applications of what I’m doing. But learning how to hold the tools, learning
how to do it in a different way. And then the last step that you would do is
you would take the ear wire and open up that loop with your pliers again and thread your
loop right on the top there and close it up, and then you have a beautiful little pair
of earrings. That was fun, wasn’t it? CYNTHIA: Yeah. BECKY: They’re super great. CYNTHIA: They’re really, really fun. BECKY: Yeah. Thanks for joining us here at I’m Becky Nunn from Nunn Design, and I’m
here as a guest designer with Cynthia, and we just made a fabulous pair of earrings. Hope you do too.

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