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Altered matchbox gifts FabsScraps Holly Jolly collection

Altered matchbox gifts FabsScraps Holly Jolly collection

Hi I’m Gerry from Gerry’s Craft Room
In this video I’m going to make two boxes with the new Fabscraps Christmas line
I cut the page in parts that I want to use and I have to white match boxes that are ready
to decorate. you can make boxes yourself, I had these lying
around, it saves some time I am going to use this strip I cut to size
to fit the box I will show you how I cover 1 box I put tape all around the outsides and on all the edges So when I put the paper on it stays nice and flat by the way I added the products I used description box for you and if you are new here don’t forget to subscribe Now I put the image I want on the biggest
part of the box in place and then start folding the paper around the
box and go over the corners so they are well attached cut of a piece of the paper that is too long
then the other side and add a piece of tape on the end and press it to the box cut of the excess paper if there is any I sand the edges you can also ink them if you like I am going to cover the seam with another piece of paper that I matt on a red strip and then tape to the box and now cut of any excess parts Now I will cover the inside I will add tape again and then I will add a strip of paper I cut to size make sure you fold it around the shape
I took apart the inside flaps so I could add some tape fold them back
and then fold the paper around it or the paper will crack there and then I add a piece on the bottom I measured to fit now I covered the other box too and I am going
to decorate them I cut some flowers with the super thin stick it film it’s goes right to your machine and cuts
really well even with intricate dies so I’m going to peel of the backing of the film and try to touch the flowers as little as possible I kept the backing of the sticky sheet I will
use that in a bit I sprinkle on the glitter and then put on
the backing paper and press this way the glitter though it’s
real pretty isn’t all on your fingers I cut some flowers and I am going to ink the edges I thought this colour would match one of the colours in the paper now I make 2 hearts with a pearl pen
I taped a piece of backing sheet from double sided film to cardboard
and I will make my pearls on that and because the cardboard is sturdy I can
pick it up and put aside to dry Now I am going to shape the flowers
I use the ball tool from the tonic studio’s flower tool set it’s super easy and fast Now I wanted a bit of red on the flowers so
I add some red ink and then I assemble the flowers my flowers hearts are dry so I am going to add them to the center two pretty flowers done
time to assemble I add some silver thread
I put that on a piece of tape I put on the box and then the berries and flowers this way you have a fun gift card box or you
can put a mini gift inside By the way if you feel inspired I always love
to see your makes so don’t forget to use #gerryscraftroom when you share your work
on social media I hope you liked the video don’t forget
to like, share and subscribe I love to see you in the next video
thanks for watching

3 thoughts on “Altered matchbox gifts FabsScraps Holly Jolly collection”

  1. Love these pretty boxes! You totally glamorized them. I just love that you pretty much made everything 🤗
    God bless ❤ XOXO

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