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All There is to Know About Cushion Cut Diamonds

All There is to Know About Cushion Cut Diamonds

Hey there, it’s Mike and Ira, the Diamond
Pros. Today we’ll be talking about cushion cuts. Cushions have been the trendy choice
the last decade, though they have recently been fending off a charge by oval cuts. Cushions cuts rise in popularity has coincided
with the rise of the halo style engagement ring. And for good reason. Cushions look fantastic
in halos. They do well in other style settings, but cushion cuts and halo settings go together
like peanut butter and jelly. There are two types of cushion cuts out there.
The antique, or chunky, cushions are usually classified as Cushion brilliant diamonds.
The cushion modified brilliant is commonly referred to as a crushed ice look. Although,
on rare occasions, you do find cushion brilliants with a crushed-ice look, and vice versa. There
are some people who swear by one over the other. In our opinion, very little distinguishes
the two cuts and you are better off focusing on the depth, color, and clarity of the diamond. For reference sake, here is a beautiful antique
chunky cut, ¾ carat diamond. And here is an equally stunning three quarter carat diamond
that is crushed ice. They are both fantastic diamonds and deciding between the two is really
a matter of personal preference. If you want to inspect the diamonds further, the links
are below in the description. We like to find cushion cuts that are close
to 65/65. That means the depth and table percentages are close to 65%. The maximum depth should
be about 70%, though if you are going for a more rectangular look, you can go a bit
higher in depth percentage. The way cushions are cut makes the yellowish
tint more visible. Because of this, we recommend going with an H color or better to ensure
the diamond looks clear. On the other hand, cushion cuts are better
at hiding inclusions than many shapes. We can usually find a nice SI clarity that is
eye-clean. Be sure to inspect the diamond, or high-quality videos of the diamonds, carefully
to ensure there are no noticeable inclusions. If you have any other questions, or would
like some help picking out the perfect diamond ring, feel free to contact us. One of our diamond consultants will be happy to help you find the perfect engagement ring. Once again, it’s Ira and Mike, the Diamond
Pros. Thanks for watching.

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