Air Dry Clay Pendant- Malayalam

hi friends this is Jolly Rubin
welcome to my channel . I am going to show you How to make Air Dry Clay Pendent This is the pendent For this project we need Air Dry Clay, that is the main ingredient We need Acrylic paint for coloring , you can choose your own colors but i have used Black for background and Metallic Copper or tree then we need a brush Once we finish the work we will seal the pendant with Acrylic Gloss Medium This Jewelry i have made 4-5 years back with Air Dry Clay. And a stud , that i have done with thread Mostly i use Acrylic paint for my craft works ,these are my Acrylic paintings I like to work with oil and water colors , but mostly i use Acrylic because Acrylic painting can be used in any Surface like glass wood etc. this is a wine bottle craft work done with Acrylic painting and clay i have removed stickers painted with acrylic , then i have done some design with home made clay i will upload another video for this project with details . i like to Embroidery works like this then paper cut works and flower making with polymer clay and home made clay Air clay have some pros and cons, like Air dry clay is not water proof it will melt again , so we have to use carefully . and another thing Clay items will break very easily , so we have to keep this items separate, My clay jewelries are very safe , because i don’t mix this jewelry with other jewelry You can keep this items i packets or boxes race rat I louder take them whenever you
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