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ADELAIDE BEADS: Rain Drops Memory wire Necklace & Earrings Tutorial

ADELAIDE BEADS: Rain Drops Memory wire Necklace & Earrings Tutorial

Welcome to an Adelaide Beads Tutorial. Today we are creating a memory wire necklace and matching earrings We will be using a eclectic selection of Indian glass beads. Start by using square nose pliers to curl the end of the memory wire, this stops the beads from coming off. The feature beads are all random sizes, from 5mm to 20mm. Firstly we start threading the memory wire with smaller beads, On this one we used glass beads and on the blue necklace we used blue wooden beads (as the smaller beads). Thread about 15 small beads. Then thread a randomly selected Indian glass bead, then thread a small bead and then another Indian bead Continue this pattern Threading about 15 Indian beads Then another 15 small beads to the end Then place a bead stopper (spring) on the end to hold the beads in place — while we move on to threading and looping eye pins. Then thread an eye pin with your chosen randomly selected Indian glass bead. I roughly copied the blue necklace. Cut away any excess pin (over 5-8mm). Make any pins that will attach to the memory wire with larger loops, to allow for easier attachment and better ‘hang’. Use round nose pliers to curl the end, ready to attach, I continued, threading pins with beads and curling the pins– it helped to lay them out before linking them up. I used bigger beads in the middle. This helps give a neater more tapered look, that is pleasing to the eye Once I had threaded all the pins and roughly laid out my design, I linked the pins. Continue to thread, cut, curl, link. Tip: It helps to make a large loop on the eye pin that attaches to the memory wire, this the tear a straighter drop. (it hangs straighter)). Thread, cut, curl, link… Space the tears, roughly 2 cm apart, along the memory wire, so you can see where they will attach/hang. Lastly, I attached the top link of each tear to the memory wire. One all the tears are attached to the memory wire at about roughly a 2cm apart, You can then take the bead stopper off the end of the memory wire. And curl the end with square nose pliers, to secure the beads. Tip: Don’t secure them too tightly, it may interfere with the drop of the tears. Firm but not tight–which is why we use a bead stopper, rather than curling the memory wire over when affixing the tears. Thread the eye pins with the beads, cut away the excess pin (over 5mm) and use round nose pliers to curl the pin. Then link the two pins with pliers and then attach the beaded and linked earring pins to the earring hook, with pliers. Same for the blue one, thread, cut, curl, link. Thanks for watching.

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  1. i was so excited to come across your tutorial , but unfortunately its way too fast and i couldn't really see what you were doing especially the finishing part .is there another video which is slowed down and much clearer ?

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