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A new technique is born: Boghossian’s brilliant Les Merveilles diamond jewels

A new technique is born: Boghossian’s brilliant Les Merveilles diamond jewels

Today we discover Merveilles, a new stone setting technique developed by Boghossian, and it is so sophisticated that it makes diamonds appear to float in thin air. Based in Geneva Boghossian has six generations of experience and this shows in the development of groundbreaking techniques that create new illusions with the most precious of stones. Following on from the art of inlay and kissing diamonds, the Merveilles technique that took four years to develop, frees diamonds from their settings to allow the purest reflection of light. “It’s actually not the gold that holds the diamonds together, it’s actually the diamonds that are holding them together and the reflection in every single angle is absolutely stunning because with this minimal gold you’re managing to get the lights from every perspective.” Diamonds sit as light as dew drops on these Creole hoop earrings and even though they have 196 diamonds they are super light. Can you see how the Merveille technique is used here to suspend yellow pear shaped diamonds? Thanks to the Merveilles technique, all four sides of these mounts are set with diamonds enhancing the brilliance of the central stones. Boghossian adds another twist to this innovative ruby and diamond necklace “Clients keep on saying that, you know, they love to play with the jewellery and try to have, different ways of wearing them, so we came up with this idea with the Merveilles setting where basically you see almost no gold that we’ve decided to set one side with diamonds, one side with rubies and when you wear the necklace you just have to twist the inside frame of diamonds and then you can wear it in both different ways.” Merveilles adds a new facet to Boghossian’s unique way with gems, and it also pushes the boundaries of what we can expect from the realm of high jewellery. If you want to know all that’s happening in the world of jewellery and watches visit my website at

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  1. If Utube had a heart button I would press it twice for Boghossian . Leg jerking eye poping, Techniques of "Inlay, Kissing Diamonds, Les Mervilles"; bravo ; )

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