24 heures chez les Bleus pendant la Coupe du Monde !

DURING THE WORLD CUP… Tuesday 3 July, Clairefontaine The two prize-winning school sports departments arrive Joseph-Fourier high school, Auxerre You deserve to be here because you all took part in the project, and we won the project thanks to you. But you also have responsibilities: you are representing the Fourier school and its sports department, and we have to be worthy of the privilege because many would love to be in your place today. Verhaeren middle school, Bonsecours (Rouen) It’s beautiful! It’s impressive to see it when you arrive. We want everyone to feel good but we also want to give you a sense of the place because this is a top-level training centre. We’ll have some training sessions and some games, and the goal over the next two days is to have a great time but also experience something a little different from what you’re used to. Kenny JEAN-MARIE, chief of staff to Noël LE GRAËT: I’m happy to see your smiles because that means this project has been positive and important to you. For us, it’s essential to link football to the development of young people as citizens. The two prize-winning charity projects: 1. Rouen: a Futsal tournament to collect sporting equipment for a village in Senegal. TECHNICAL SKILLS…
WITH SPORTS CLOTHING DISTRIBUTED TO SENEGALESE CHILDREN AT THE END OF APRIL 2. Auxerre: football workshops for primary school children to raise money for UNICEF Pupils from the primary school are taking part in different football workshops to score points, and those points are converted into money. At the end of the day, we’ll write out a cheque to UNICEF thanks to the pupils who got involved in football. Training session
with four coaches To remind you of the goal here, what I’m looking for are ways of playing to exploit imbalances and gaps in the other team. Are you ready? It’s impressive. We can kind of picture ourselves in the shoes of the professionals. And when you see the World Cup itself outside, it gets you dreaming. When you’re young, everyone wants to get into the France team, but afterwards you have to follow different paths and be happy with what you’re doing. But it’s wonderful to be in these surroundings, and that’s why we have to make the most of it. He’s going to cut the ball back. I feel like I’m walking in the footsteps of great players like [Kylian] Mbappé and [Ousmane] Dembélé. This place is the symbol of the France team and French football as a whole, so being here makes me proud. We’re fortunate to have access to huge facilities and superb pitches. Honestly, it’s a joy to be here. Alexandre PERREAU-NIEL, Ligue 2 referee and PE teacher in Auxerre: It’s really an unforgettable moment which allows us to complete the project we started in October and also discover this bastion of French football. Go, run, run, run! Well done, both of you. That’s great. When you do something, even if you don’t feel comfortable, just go for it. Let yourselves go. That’s how you succeed. Ingrid BOYELDIEU, former France women’s team forward and now teacher (Bonsecours sports department): The youngsters are ready to take the baton. They’re certainly motivated, anyway. That’s not their only quality, but that’s where it all starts. You can see in their eyes that this is a really special moment for them and they’ll make the most of it. Prediction competition
for the remaining World Cup matches Uh, England. Because they’ve got Harry Kane. It’s going to be a very intense game. It’s a pretty tight match. Wednesday 4 July
A visit of the France team’s facilities It’s an incredible day. I never thought I’d come to Clairefontaine and look around. We can kind of feel ourselves in the shoes of Les Bleus and it’s really an unbelievable feeling and an unforgettable experience. 10.00
Back to the pitch You have to drop back. Marie, I’m making a run! Bubble football Walking football Five-a-side football We’re lucky because most people who come to Clairefontaine don’t get to visit the château and see the pitches and their training centre. I was happy when we got here, and now that we’re leaving I’m sad because I don’t to go. I’ve said to myself that if we can walk in their footsteps, we can also succeed like them. Come on, France!

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