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1 Carat Diamond Ring on Finger Hand. 2 Ct Size Comparison 1/2 1.5 3 0.5 Price Engagement Rings Buy

1 Carat Diamond Ring on Finger Hand. 2 Ct Size Comparison 1/2 1.5 3 0.5  Price Engagement Rings Buy

We are going to compare diamond ring sizes
and prices like this 1/3 and 1 Carat diamonds on a finger size 7. This hand is an Average
hand size of a 5’6″ woman. Now This 1 Carat diamond you can see is 6228
dollars and it is from a mall jeweler I went to. These here are the specs of the diamond
like its Color & Clarity. When we enter those same specs into this online Jewelry website
that I have linked to in the description and the icon in this video, we find this ring
is 4850 dollars online. Which is a savings of almost 1400 dollars. So here I compare 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 carat
diamonds on the finger and hand. In my other diamond videos I explain why buying online
diamonds are better and less expensive. Looking specifically at the 1/2 carat diamond
you can see it is 2149 dollars and that is from a different mall jewelry store from the
one we looked at for one carat. Now we take the specs of that 1/2 carat diamond and we
put them into the online diamond jewelry store, that I have linked to and its 870 dollars
online. That is a savings of 60% and 1279 dollars for the exact same size and quality
diamond. Okay now this is a 1, 1.5 and 2 carat diamond
size comparison. You can see they start looking huge in comparison at these sizes. Now we will look at the overpriced mall jeweler
for this 2 carat diamond which is actually pretty good and we see it is about 26,000
dollars more or less. It also has good specs it’s a good diamond. Even still we enter those
specs into the diamond finder and viola it’s 18480 dollars. That is a savings of almost
7,800 dollars for the exact same quality and 2 carat diamond. Mall Jewelers always sell
pitiful diamonds way overpriced. Actually if you watch my other videos you’ll learn
why online diamonds are better and still less expensive. That is why I bought my wife’s
engagement ring online and actually I made a video about that too. Don’t forget to like comment and subscribe
guys it will help to boost the video and others can get the some of the same information on
saving money on diamonds. Don’t forget you just buy those afforadable diamonds on the
link I have listed in the description below or on the icon in this video.

22 thoughts on “1 Carat Diamond Ring on Finger Hand. 2 Ct Size Comparison 1/2 1.5 3 0.5 Price Engagement Rings Buy”

  1. HAVE A QUESTION! I love answering questions about diamond rings. Ask anything you want by commenting or replying I will answer shortly.

  2. Hi. I also watched that there's a lot of online scams, now I'm having a hard time finding a legit affordable diamond for my future wife.

  3. Hi Rick, the diamond price is very cheap compare to the retail price for it 4c's. but is that the price for America only, because I'm from Australia and I'm sure that price haven't include tax, stamp duties and conversion fees

  4. I found this diamond ring, but I wantΒ to sell it. NOw, I'm not familiar of how much it's worth. I don't want to get ripped off either.

  5. i would really love to see this video but the text on the bottom is very annoying because it blocks the view. hope you make another version without the text

  6. youre comparing a whole ring price… to just the diamond price online. why dont u include the setting price as well… that also contributes to the cost.
    these figures are not accurate. Youre comparing a complete ring… to a single loose diamond.

  7. So many of these are absolutely awful quality diamonds. No one should be buying I1, especially if it's not GIA! Quality>size.

  8. The 4 C's are not everything, and don't speak to light performance. If light performance is something you desire, it would be wise to get a good base knowledge of the factors that contribute to performance and go in to a brick and mortar establishment to see them in person.

  9. 1 CT SI1 E xxx for example that grade you can have 10 stones with the same exact grade and have 10 completely different prices. No two stones are alike some stones are worth more based on where the inclusions in the stone also based on polish Cemetery. As well as over greeting a stone when it's something that it's not .This guy is full of it.
    A highly reputable Jeweler.
    Who deals in custom rings.
    Has over head cover insurance.
    They're not made in some back room shop in India or China.
    Take care love and attention that a Goldsmith has with each piece and the connection to his customer is like family.

  10. There are TONS of negative reviews on Yelp from people who bought rings from James Allen. All of them are complaints about shipping, diamonds falling out and service issues when needing resizing. No complaints that I've seen about diamond only purchases. So far from my research I would not buy a ring from this site……perhaps just the stone.

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