so in this craft which are going to need
is your jewelry working too the next thing you’re going to need is
some kind of a cat now I got these you traditionally use these on tassel
earrings or end caps of different types of necklaces or chokers but we’re going
to use this for chain tassels the other thing you’re gonna need is some wire 14
gauge 15 gauge or 18 gauge I prefer a thicker and that’s what I use the next
thing we’re gonna do is changed now I like the speaker chain because this is
the thinner chain and you can get these online or you can get them at Hobby
Lobby craft stores and if you don’t have a Hobby Lobby Christmas near you you
could also order it online at Hobby hub when I got this one on Amazon but they
also saw this in Hobby Lobby and they have this that I got at Hobby Lobby and
if you need to know the change size the airboat okay my having a bit of
trouble focusing so that’s the size and that’s how many yards six yards I don’t
have any label on this but it’s the finer chain so you should have your wire
your tools your bead cap your end caps the chain and some jump rings as well
also has another option an eyepin see the icon has the loot and
thanks to my friend LaVon she sent me all of these look and all
these she wasn’t using so that was very nice thank you again LaVon I’m going to
put all your things to good use so now you could either get one of these ID
pins and see these eye pins have like a already have a loop or you can get a
wire and do your own loop okay but I’m gonna use this cookie there of course
I’ll need to cut it so I already cut my chain you can’t really use a cutter on
this you kind of have to use your pliers to pry it because it’s so thick and it
heavy-duty so I did this I’ll do it up here it’s not exactly four inches it’s
more like three inches and just just slightly over so it would be like three
inches and I guess quarter or three inches and a half it depends on how long
you want the chain that’s how long I cut it okay
so because you think you gotta remember you’re going to hook the bead to a jump
ring you’re going to hook the chain to a jump ring it’s gonna have this part then
an earring fishhook you also need jump rings and earrings
fish hooks okay I just wanted to get that out there before I forget so what
you’re going to want to do is you’re gonna want to put this right here and it
doesn’t go through you want to make sure that it’s not gonna pull through you can
put a little seed bead so it stops like that which I might actually do and it
doesn’t matter because you won’t see the color of the seed beads so and that’s
how that’s gonna be you might want to get a seed bead also
in your supplies now the next thing you’re gonna need is a jump ring you
don’t need a terribly big one but we’re going to hook it to that okay so before
we cut this let’s handle this part so that we have the room to put that down
now we’re gonna get our jump ring out these are six millimeter jump rings but
you can use any size you want I have thicker ones but they’re a real
hassle to open and close and I’m not even gonna struggle but keep in mind
that these really thin flexible ones sometimes they open up and you know
whatever you’re making falls apart so you just gotta make sure they’re secure
so I cut this and there we go and I’m gonna hook it there that I’m gonna hook
it to there reap to the bottom of that hook okay when it’s all done so I have
to cut more of these I’m gonna have them relatively thick so let’s get started
with that okay so I am cutting my chain actually you can’t really cut this chain
is fix you can’t use your cutters for this what you have to do is use your
plier tools and you kind of have to pry the chain that you want off of there and once you’re doing that you want to
make sure that you’re taking off the correct amount now I’ve decided that
about three and a half inches was good enough I wanted some length on it so
originally I was going to cut only four pieces per Castle earring but I realized
it just wasn’t thick enough for me once I put it all together so instead of the
poor I went and cut six pieces per earring and be sure to measure them to
make sure that they’re all the same length you might want to put them next
to each other just to be on the safe side but if you get one or two that’s
gone along you can always go back and remove the links afterwards okay so as
you see I’m taking my pliers the jewelry working tool fires and under moving a
link to make sure I have enough like I said I kept six rows of chain for
each earring now if you’re going to want more than six Rhodes keep in mind
they’ll have to change the jump ring that you’re going to attach to the iPad
and you’re going to have to use a bigger one but also make sure that it fits in
the bead cap or the tassel cap whatever you want to call that tough part
I believe I call it the top see the little brown flat piece there you have
to make sure that that jump ring will fit under there and all the chain so
just a slightly bigger jump ring will fit more than six I’m going to use a six
millimeter jump ring but like I said you can use a bigger one so now I’ve hooked
I’m hooking right now my chain to the jump ring and I hope the jump ring to
the I hook to the loop at the bottom of the I hook or if you used wire than the
loop that you made at the bottom they could hook the jump right to bed so I’m
taking my jewelry working tools and I’m holding that ended the jump ring and I’m
threading the chain through the jump ring while it’s attached to the other
end of the iPad now I’m taking my round nose and chain nose pliers and I’m going
to be closing the jump ring so here it is
I put the cap on see now before you put that cap on you might want to put a
little seed bead and then you might want to put a bead on top of that cat so I’m
gonna put the silver shiny B I like to put an extra added piece of bling to it
if you find you’d rather have it more simple and just the cat that’s fine you
don’t even have to have a big bead you could just put another little tiny seed
bead but see I put that nice shiny silver one see how that looks
I really like that okay now what you have to do with a remainder of the wire
or if use your eye pin the rest of the eye pin wire is take your cutters and
cut some but be sure to leave enough to make a loop at the end because we’re
going to make a nice tight loop to put your earring hook through so take your
round nose pliers I took the chain nose but it doesn’t
quite make a good loop so the round nose is best so take your round nose pliers
go ahead and make that loop at the end make a nice tight loop
that’s why you don’t want to leave too much extra but you also don’t want to
cut yourself too short when you’re trimming it ok there it is there’s the I
there’s a little loop at the end now I’m going to get my earring hooks out I got
these little silver fish hooks and if you can see them the lights blinding but
I got these at Hobby Lobby so now I’m going to take my round nose pliers and
I’m gonna open the one end of the earring hook and I’m gonna loop it
through the loop I made at the end by the bead cap and it doesn’t really matter which side
it’s facing because these either and is the front toward the Vatican doesn’t
matter so now to take you around on spots and make sure that that fishhook
is closed and secure and there it is that’s what its gonna look like so all finished you still have to make
the other one so remember if you wanted more bushier thicker
you could cut more than six chains so this is the one on me for now
just giving you an idea it goes up to a low above my shoulder see how nice and
sparkly alone and I think that’s pretty thick for six pieces of that but you
could build that bead cap or head cap with a lot more that’s what it looks
like and the bead on top I really like it I like the way it you know moves
around and dangles it’s pretty fun okay so let’s go ahead and make its matching
partner can’t just wear one earring so there it is I’ve gone ahead and made
both of them and they’re both of my ears I really like the way they fit I made
one piece in the center of each earring just slightly longer and you could also
go ahead and attach it beyond that if you want it just one in the middle of
each but if not you could hook beads to all of it or or not let’s see just so
you get an idea of where it falls on me with the three half inches and the six
pieces of chain I’m happy with it I like the way they
look they’re not too heavy and I think they look good what do you think and you
clear your hair up and you have that little bangle you look to it there are fun little earrings they could
be dressy they could just be to something fun to wear so if you like
this easy fast craft then please give this video a like comment share and if
you’re not subscribed subscribe now click there balcony to notifications and
I’ll see you in my next video thanks for watching bye

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