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Кулон “Совушка” из полимерной глины. Мастер-класс. Pendant “Magic owl”. Video tutorial

Кулон “Совушка” из полимерной глины. Мастер-класс. Pendant “Magic owl”. Video tutorial

Hi, everyone! I am Victoria Papsheva and welcome to my creative room! In this video tutorial, I will show how to make an interesting hollow pendant owl out of polymer clay. Getting Started. Roll out the layer of polymer clay FIMO Effect blue. I take a texture sheet and lightly wet it with water. I put a sheet on a layer of clay and press it well against plastic. You can roll the sheet with a rolling pin. As a result, a beautiful impression appeared on the clay. Now I need a round mold. I place the mold on the clay layer with a print. Excess plastic cut off. turn the mold with plastic and start pressing the clay inside the cutter. I do it very carefully so as not to tear the clay layer. I roll another layer of polymer clay of blue color. I put on it a mold with plastic. And I press well. Then gently remove the part from the molds. I do this very carefully so as not to crush the clay. As a result, I got a hollow round part. The same mold cut off a small part of this part. Thus the hollow parts have ears. Now’ll tint. For this, I will need bronze-colored metallized powder. I pick up a small amount of powder with my finger and rub it into the clay with light movements. I put the powder on the convex areas of the picture. I also tint the side of the hollow part. I roll out a small layer of polymer clay of golden color. Now I will need one of the parts of the metal rivets, which is attached to the clothes as a fastener. You can buy such rivets in any department of sewing accessories. With the help of this riveting I make two impressions on clay. These are the owl’s future eyes.
I cut them with the grommet. That’s what I got as a result. Again I roll out a layer of polymer clay of golden color. Now I need a small droplet cutter. With it I cut out two parts. These will be the wings. I apply FIMO-gel on a hollow part. Glue eyes. And the wings. I roll out another layer of polymer clay of golden color. I take a metal mold with edges-corners. I put it on a layer of clay of gold color and cut out the detail. I choose the most accurate little corner and cut it out with a blade. On the opposite side I cut the plastic in such a way as to make another little corner. It was a rhombus. This will be the owl’s beak. I apply FIMO-gel on a hollow part. And stick a beak. I make two small holes with a needle on my beak. Blue plastic I roll two small balls. On the eyes with a stack with a ball I make small deepenings. And I stick balls of blue color to these places. These will be the pupils. As a decor, on the edge of the wings I make small recesses with a needle. And send an owl to bake. After baking, I wait for the clay to cool and cover the owl with a glossy varnish. When the varnish is completely dry, I drill a hole for a pin in the middle of the top of the pendant. Then paste the shift in the hole. With the help of the connecting ring, I hang the bale on the pendant. In the bale insert the cord. At the ends of the cord attach limit switches. On one trailer hang carbine. On the other – a little ring. Clasp is ready! Look at what a wonderful fairy owl I got as a result. I really like how it looks toning. Powder surprisingly beautiful shines and shimmers. A glossy varnish further enhances this effect. In addition, this pendant is also very light, as it is hollow inside. I really hope you enjoyed my video tutorial. Do not forget to like and subscribe to my channel. Leave your opinion and ask questions in the comments. I will answer them with pleasure. I wish you creative success! See you again!

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