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Кулон “Бабочка” с применением техники Sutton Slice. Pendant “Butterfly”. Sutton Slice.

Кулон “Бабочка” с применением техники Sutton Slice. Pendant “Butterfly”. Sutton Slice.

Hello! I am Victoria Papsheva and welcome to my creative room! In this master class, I will show how to create a summer pendant using polymer clay using the Sutton Slice technique. To begin with, I roll out a layer of polymer clay of bright blue color. Now I need a texture sheet. And also a small piece of yellow clay. I fill in the hollows of the texture sheet with plastic. Rolling clay with a rope. Blade cut off the excess plastic, leaving it only in the grooves. This should be done very carefully so as not to spoil the texture sheet. Remains of plastic clean with a wet wipe. Here’s what I got. On a layer of clay of bright blue color I impose a textured sheet patterned down. And I very well press the texture sheet to the plastic, so that the clay, which is located in the recesses, adheres to the clay layer. You can roll the texture sheet with a rolling pin. Remove texture sheet. A drawing appeared on the clay. Now take the mold. And with the help of it I cut a circle out of a layer of clay with a pattern. Next, I need an extruder and a nozzle with a rectangular hole. I extrude a strip of bright blue. I take the pin and use the tool to bend it to the end. The bent end of the pin is pressed into the plastic. I close the end of the pin with a bright blue plastic. I glue the extruder strip along the edge of the round part. I roll a layer of polymer clay of white color. From this layer I cut a circle with a mold. Now I need a butterfly button. Instead of buttons, you can use a paper template. I put the butterfly in the center of the round detail. I press it lightly. And cut a butterfly on the edge of the buttons. It would be much more convenient to cut a butterfly with a cutter. But I do not have molds of the right size, so I had to apply this method. Silicone brush smoothing edges. And send the details of the pendant to bake. After baking, waiting for the clay to cool. Apply on the extruder strip FIMO-gel. And impose baked detail with a butterfly on the unbaked part with a pattern. Look what I did. Sending pendant to bake. I roll out a layer of polymer clay of bright blue color and cut a strip out of it. Meanwhile, the clay caked and cooled. I put FIMO-gel on the side of the pendant. And framed pendant with a strip of clay. After that, send it to the final baking. I am waiting for the clay to cool and proceed to the assembly. On the pin hang bale. In the bale insert the cord. At the ends of the cord attach limit switches. On one trailer hang carbine. On the other – a little ring. As a result, I got an interesting summer pendant. In general, this technique offers you a large selection of colors, shapes and sizes to create jewelry. It all depends on your imagination. And if you liked this master class, put likes and subscribe to my channel! And also on my Facebook group. You will find a link to it in the description below the video. Creative success to you! And see you soon!

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  1. I wish you would stop tilting everything back and forth in front of the camera. I love your lessons, but it makes me nauseous to watch.

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